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  Relationships Coach, Interactive Speaker

Jess helps couples build the thriving life-long partnerships they've always wanted.


After her 10-year marriage ended in divorce, she started to question the idea of living "happily ever after." While healing her wounded heart, Jess learned that creating a flourishing partnership is about so much more than finding someone you think will make your dreams come true.

Jess knows that juggling professional lives, marriage, and children can sandbag relationships, but it doesn't have to. She helps people make their partnerships a source of joy and strength by teaching tried-and-true strategies to reduce unresolved conflict and strengthen emotional connections.


Spending nearly 20 years in academia and professional coaching, Jess has extensive experience empowering people to grow through challenging and unfamiliar things. She earned her coaching certification from one of the most prestigious coach training programs, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). In addition, she spent a decade studying what works in relationships from experts in the field such as Drs. John Gottman, Brené Brown, Gary Chapman, and Harriet Lerner.

Languages: English

Location: USA, Virginia


“Jess was a wonderful coach for my husband and me! I don't remember our relationship being this good since we first met and had big responsibilities (careers, finances, and a child). We didn’t argue much, but we were distant from each other and it was really stressful. 


After working with Jess, my husband and I actually understand each other’s needs and can communicate assertively. One of the many talents Jess has is speaking in the language that each person can understand, whether you’re an emotional, logical or intuitive thinker. She helped usunpack what we were saying until we finally learned to understand each other, and this was key for all the other changes that came for us.


I would recommend Jess to any couple that is feeling like their relationship could be better. I was tired of a mediocre relationship, and now I’m so glad I didn't give up!” – Aline B., North Carolina, USA


“Jess is worth every.single.penny. She is a kind, intelligent, reliable, empathetic professional who will help you break down road blocks you may not even have known you had.”  -Katie L., Alabama, USA

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