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Emotional Health, Success & Self-empowerment Coach, Brain Trainer,

Subconscious Mind Mastery, Artist

Lynn Schaeffer is an entrepreneur, educator, artist and a life success coach since 2009.  Her background includes more than 25 years of corporate, human resources, marketing & PR, training and sales experience, as well as an education degree, spiritual & law of attraction studies and the great honor of being a mother to 3 great kids (now adults).

Her interest in the subconscious mind followed her iPEC training & certification. She was in a car accident and experienced injury as well as PTSD for driving. After much trial and error on her healing journey, she discovered the importance of the subconscious mind in everyday life. She pursued training in NLP, hypnosis, memory reconsolidation, tapping, Systems of Change, and bilateral eye movement and now uses those in her coaching practice, combining them to get to the core of problems and achieve some really fast and fabulous transformation. Her true passion is to empower others by sharing these skills with people of all ages, helping them remember how wonderful & miraculous they are as they learn how to create change for themselves in sessions. A happier, more inspired, emotionally healthy world is her vision.

Lynn Schaeffer

Fun facts: Lynn paints via the subconscious too. Colors, shapes, symbols and words go onto the canvas with no particular plan or order and become a variety of different layers which evolve into form and she then enhances what she sees. She is also the owner of an interior landscaping company.

Location: USA

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