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With Core Energy Coaching
You Can Achieve Extraordinary Results in All Aspects Of Your Life

Most people suffer when their effort doesn't bring the outcomes they want.

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Life By Design Core Energy Coaching Clients Experience:

  • Less Stress

  • More Energy

  • More Creactivity

  • Increased Performance

About us

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We understand that are moments when challenges can make us feel drained. We provide Core Energy Coaching and help people align their actions towards less stress and more energy. People that work with us experience feeling great about what they are doing and mention having more of those moments when it "seems that time is flying".

The Plan To Experience Unlimited Energy


You book a 15 minutes discovery call. You will understand how Energy Leadership Coaching can help you achieve extraordinary results.


We create a coaching plan for you and work with you through the entire process.


You enjoy the benefits from higher levels and achieve extraordinary results.


Yash Dubal

Owner, Director, AY&J Solicitors

"I understood myself better, found what I truly love, and found a sustainable solution for a peaceful life. I feel relaxed, more aware, no pressure, happy, not anxious, better sleep, calm."

Kristin Bennett

President at Nonprofit Resources

"When working with Natalya, opened my eyes to the fact that we can change our organization’s energy, by changing our own energy."

Joseph Frost

Co-Founder and CMO, YorCMO (EO)

"In a very short timeframe, I’ve already seen an improvement in myself, my team, and my company."


At ​Life By Design,​ we know that you want to feel fulfilled and abundant in all areas. We believe that everybody deserves to feel fulfilled. To do that, you need ​to be satisfied with your life and the goals you achieve. The problem is ​that the outcomes don't give you the satisfaction you were hoping for, which makes you feel ​frustrated.​


We understand ​how frustrating it is to put effort into things and not achieve the results.​This is why we ​have helped people lead everyday life in a more enjoyable and meaningful way.​

The Coaching Process in three steps:​

  1. We help you identify and understand what is blocking your plans and goals.

  2. We create a plan and guide you through the entire process.

  3. You enjoy life while achieving extraordinary results.

Discover What Core Energy Is

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