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Author, Facilitator, Trainer, Organizational & Management Consultant,

Leadership Coach, Forum

Amir Kfir is an international organizational consultant and management change leader with over 30 years experience. He is an Owner and the CEO of the Amirror Group Organizational Development, dedicated to transforming culture and organizational positioning of the companies.

Dr. Kfir is the creator of the “Nonflict” conflict resolution methodology facilitating conflict resolution for individuals, groups and corporations. He is the co-author of “Nonflict: The Art of Everyday Peace-Making” book, giving tools to deal with conflict in everyday life.


Dr. Kfir is Co-founder and Board Member of Million Peacekeepers, an organization that teaches the art of everyday peace-making. He was the facilitator of the “Peace Action Network”  and has facilitated Israeli-Arab, Arab-American, Greek-Turkish and Armenian-Turkish, as well as Jewish-Muslim peace/action forums. Amir Kfir is a member of  EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation), an official certified forum facilitator for YPO Forum work for over 20 years with average rating of 9.75.  He has been applying and teaching the application of forum in business and family for the last 6 years.

Languages: English, Hebrew

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