Be inspired, learn and grow.

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Learn about the personal and entrepreneurial journey of Natalya Berdikyan, the founder of Life By Design Academy, discover what holds people back from reaching their full potential, how to manage and raise your energy to reach fulfillment, satisfaction, and success in all areas of life and business. 


Found out about:

- 7 Levels of Energy

- Designing your life

- Fear isn't real

Listen to a 38-minute Podcast with amazing David Mammano that helps thought leadership impact the world.

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We continue the discussion about the different levels of energy and how to harness yours for maximum impact; on yourself, others, and the world!

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'Tell Me Something Good'

- The journey and the ENERGY space

- LLL = Life-Long Learning

- Change is the only that's constant...Learn to embrace it

- Personal ENERGY and how important it is to harness it

- Thoughts connect to Feelings which connect to Actions

- Catabolic Energy vs. Anabolic Energy

- Don't "Fake it till you make it"..."Act as if"

- FEAR does not exist in the present

- Operating in a state of "FLOW"

and more...

20 min with incredible highly energetic Steven Nudelberg that helps others to 'Stay on The Ball and modernize sales processes.


Unique podcast episode with Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

- Feeling powerful vs being at the effect of life, situations, people
- Move through fear into courage
- Cultures, behaviors, and energy
- Connecting virtually: How to get the energy going?
- Tool to get back on the Thriving Track