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Master your CORE Foundation Principles

To live the Leadership Disciplines the following principles can help.


1.    There is a difference between true and Truth

2.    Each of us sees the world through our own filters and lenses

Eagle Flying

Conscious Choice

1.    The greatest freedom is the freedom of choice

2.    We are always at choice

3.    The answers to all questions lie within us, and we know more than we think we know



1.    Before we can change or move forward, we must first embrace where we are

2.    It is us, not history, that creates the future

3.    In any situation, with what we have, we always do the best we can

4.    It’s impossible to make a mistake

5.    What people say and do is about them; how we interpret their words and actions is about us

6.    Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

7.    All experiences have value

8.    Releasing expectations and attachments to a particular outcome or path allows us to find opportunities everywhere

In the Playground

Trusting the process

1.    We are work in progress

2.    We are responsible for developing our own success formula so that the people, places, and things in our lives work the way we choose

3.    Working the plan, works

4.    The Universe is our greatest teacher

5.    Constantly evaluating, learning, and revising keeps you growing and improving

6.    We either grow or die

7.    Faith is more powerful than prof

Ballet Dancer


1. We each have our own unique way of learning, playing, leading, and being

2. We are each uniquely, and intrinsically perfect

3. Mastery resides in the free expression of our uniqueness



1. Stress occurs when we experience worry, doubt, and fear

2. It is only when were lease tension and decrease force that we can experience true power

3. Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be

Beautiful Smile

Presence in the Moment

1.    Now is all there ever is

2.    If you’re thinking about the past or the future, you’re not playing full out in the here and now

3.    Ultimate performance requires complete freedom from distraction

Meditation by the Sea


1.    Embracing the mystery of life allows us to live curiously

2.    Change is the only constant

Reach the Top


1.    We are connected to everything and everyone

2.    There is a greater source that can be accessed, but not fully understood

3.    We are each much greater than we appear to be in the mirror

Plant Mirror Reflection

100% Energetic Engagement

1. Reaching our potential requires anabolic energy and full spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, environmental, and social engagement


More details on the COR.E Leadership Principles

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