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"If your emotional engine is overheating, Natalya will slow your racing thoughts down in a way that provides perspective, clarity, and agency. Through coaching, breath work exercises, and energy work, she is able to tap into elevate the mind-body connection from a negative destructive state to powerfully constructive one. If you find yourself consistently feeling frustrated, stressed, burned out, or trapped, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your team to book a time to talk with Natalya. She did all this and more for me." 


Derek Weber, Co-Founder, President at goBRANDgo!

"I am a business owner and had the pleasure of executive coaching with Natalya in 2023 through a period of significant transformation in my business. Our sessions were instrumental in working through key business and personal decisions. More importantly, they helped me become more aware of patterns in mindset and behaviors I was exhibiting with my team, family and colleagues that enabled a breakthrough in intentional leadership and energy."

Alex Ramirez, President & Owner, Collinear Group​

Our mission is to help you reach extraordinary results in your personal and professional life, access power and potential, and live in total fulfillment and wellbeing.


Through individual coaching, training and other holistic modalities we help you tap into your unlimited potential by aligning mind, body, heart and soul, looking inside, connecting to your core energy, refining your dreams, higher purpose and goals, expanding borders, and eliminating external and internal blocks and fears to create the plan to achieve extraordinary results and meaning you doubt is possible.

Our process employs techniques to help you create realistic plans to achieve your visions, optimize the ability and knowledge you need to reach your goals, and design a supportive network or system so that you achieve and sustain the results you desire.


What we do for you:

  • Deliver a personalized coaching program by partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your potential

  • Help to be the very best you can be, inspire and champion you to do things beyond what you thought you could do

  • Introduce you to the principles of energy management so you can manage your personal energy across all dimensions – physical, emotional, mental, physical, environmental, and spiritual – in order to sustain high performance and wellbeing.

  • Redefine what’s possible in your life, your relationships, your work, your business, your family, your communities, what matters most to you

  • Bring solutions to life, followed with positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life and business

  • Increase confidence and break through what holds you back from reaching your goals and dreams

  • Challenge and hold you accountable to focus on reaching your objectives


How does it work:

  • Schedule a discovery session

  • Choose your program 3 - 12 months

  • Take the Energy Leadership Assessment (20 min) &  deep dive debrief (up to 90 min)

Measure your current level of leadership ability, consciousness, overall energy, and current level of engagement and satisfaction by taking Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I.) - Unleash what may be getting on the way to your full potential, fulfillment, and success. Go here >>

  • 1:1 individual meetings every 7-14 days in the comfort of your home/office

  • Tools, exercises, and expert personal guidance to keep you moving forward

  • Results from day one

    • During each coaching meeting, you will set clear personal or business goals, develop action plans to achieve them, break through fears and limiting beliefs that are standing in the way and holding you back, set and work on the strategies for creating sustainable personal and business growth.



  • The methodology is based on the tools used from psychotherapy, positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mentoring, quantum physics, philosophical/ontological studies, adult and accelerated learning research, emotional intelligence, leadership development, martial arts (incl qigong), yoga, meditation, breathwork (Pranayama) reiki, other mindfulness, spiritual, healing, wellbeing and longevity practices. See here

How to start:

1. Schedule a discovery complimentary session

2. Choose a program and commit

3. Enjoy the journey

"I’d highly recommend Natalya and the Energy Leadership work she does to any executive looking to improve their leadership capabilities. I’ve already seen an improvement in myself, my team, and my company in a very short timeframe after working with Natalya."

Joseph FrostCo-Founder and CMO, YorCMO

​"I have had a great one to one consultation that followed a group Energy Leadership workshop and individual Energy Leadership Index Assessment with Natalya Berdikyan.

After this consultation, I understood myself better, found what I truly love and found a sustainable solution for a peaceful life. If interested in exploring energy for yourself/your team, then I would highly recommend her full consultation/services.'

Yash Dubal,  Entrepreneur, Owner, Director, AY&J Solicitors


"My life has been going through a transformation since starting the coaching program with Natalya on Energy Leadership. Previously I felt stuck in fear and guilt, with never enough time in my life.  I now have the knowledge of the levels of energy, tools to elevate them, and a new sense of self-awareness.  Natalya has been incredibly helpful in challenging me to think differently and create a better life for me and everyone I come in contact with."     -


Brent Rising, Owner of Today's Dental

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