People. Communications. Deal making.

Do you know who are you dealing with?

Treat others how you want to be treated might be the best approach if you want to succeed. Want to know why?

Discover three people category types, their typical characteristics, behaviors and differences to prepare for the your next hard conversation, negotiation, deal making, bargain.



Time spent building relationships. Passion for emotions, people. Goal to be on good terms, create good rapport without accomplishing anything. Easy to talk to, pleasant, win-win. Sociable, peace seeking, poor time managers. Need to get talks into action. Don’t like conflict.


Time = relationship

Silence = anger


TIP with one: Be sociable and friendly. Try to translate talk into action


TIP being one: Don’t sacrifices your objections. Focus on how it gets done, not just chit chat.

Working Together


Time is money. Getting is done over well. Direct, aggressive , don’t worry about future interactions, love wining often at expense of others, respect based business relationships. Want to be heard, not able to listen to you until they know you heard them.  Focus on own goal vs people. Tell rather than ask. Give an inch take a mile.


Time = money

Silence = nothing to say, want them to talk


TIP with: Show you listen and understand if you want to be heard after. Use Mirrors, open questions. Get 'that's right' from them.

TIP To: Soften your tone, make it more pleasant, use open questions and labels.

Handsome Male Model


Methodical, systematic, minimising mistakes by taking time to get it right. Rarely show emotion. Slow, measured voice. Cold. Details oriented, prepared in advance. Info aggregators. Like to do things alone. Skeptical. Don’t like too many questions. Need time to respond. Facts oriented. Little value to apology. Separate personal from business.


Time = preparation

Silence =  want to think


TIP with one: Be prepared. Use data, facts. Give them time to think. Reciprocity.


TIP being one: Smile when you speak to attract data exchange from others.

Data on a Touch Pad


No one is exclusively one style. 

To be effective need a mix of all three.


To be good at deal making be yourself, to be great add to your strengths.

- Don’t project your style on others.

- Understand the other being different, their ‘normal’, type.

- No golden rule.

- Treat them the way they want to be treated, not how you want to be treated.


Ref: ‘Never split the difference. Negotiations as if your life depends on it.’ Chris Voss

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