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Social & Organisational Psycologist, Leadership Coach & Trainer,

Emotional Intelligence Expert

Hanna Kriens, is our psychologist who works as a leadership development coach.  


With a Masters degree in Social and Organisational Psychology at Leiden University, a decade of corporate experience in Shell and Unilever as a HR professional and as a line manager, Hanna has developed a profound passion for people and Emotional Intelligence (‘EI’). During her corporate career, Hanna also developed herself as an entrepreneur as she set up a retail business in Dutch flag dresses. 

Since working as an independent Leadership Coach, Hanna has witnessed the impact of EI and has specialised in training and coaching individuals and teams in these skills. 


Hanna pic 2018 June.jpg

As the workplace has changed over time, so has it’s leadership. Investing in Emotional Intelligence will give you the tools and skills to become most effective in relation to others - irrespective of the workfield you are in. Research has shown that EQ will lead to more success than IQ, experience and skills together. “What a great thing, it can be trained” 


Hanna is a professional certified coach, licensed soft skill trainer and is based in Dubai. She coaches in Dutch and English.

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