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  Business & Career Coach, Entrepreneur, Mindfulness Expert

Harley Frank is a professional coach living in Los Angeles, CA. Harley is also the founder of Harley Frank Coaching, a practice that supports professionals and entrepreneurs to create successful careers that align with their values, desired impact, and desired lifestyle.


Prior to becoming a coach, Harley was a startup executive in Silicon Valley. She’s built and managed teams in Operations, Account Management, Support, Sales, and Logistics. She is also an expert in mindfulness, having studied yoga and meditation in the US and South America.



Harley’s unique coaching methodology combines Energy Leadership, a coaching philosophy taught by iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), mindfulness techniques, and EFT (taught by EFT International). This combination creates powerful, sustainable transformations that clients feel almost immediately.


Harley’s approach to coaching is mindset first, strategy second. She believes that a healthy mindset is an entrepreneur's most valuable asset. With a healthy mindset, problems become opportunities, work is energizing, and creative strategy flows.


Fun Facts: Outside of work, Harley is a passionate cook, yogi, and ceramicist. She values spending time outside and with loved ones.

Language: English

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