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'A practice that not only relives external, physical suffering, but the internal suffering and obscuration of humankind' Usui Sensei


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine. It enhances both our health and state of mind.

It is a complementary therapy that involves encouraging a healthy flow of energy in the body to lower stress and promote healing.

Reiki energy can help release anxiety, depression, stress, and tension in the body. Can lead to better sleep, mental clarity, thus enabling better focus, enhance more balance and peace. 


- Energy Flow

- Body strengthening, healing and recovery 

- Relaxation, Clarity

- Peace, Balance, Harmony and Well-being 

How does it work? 

One receives reiki in person or at a distance through a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a 'qi' - "universal energy' or 'vital energy" is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient, to encourage emotional or physical healing. Works on humans or pets. 

- Choose your session formate, in person or at a distance 

- Ley down and receive reiki (it is not a massage or intimate)

- Enjoy the effects 

Sessions last 30 - 60 minutes. 

Energy Healing


Reiki & Yoga Therapy 


"During my session with Natalya, I was effortlessly guided through a harmonious blend of yoga and reiki that left me with an overwhelming sense of calm, empowerment, and optimism. Her innate ability to speak and coach with a soothing and uplifting demeanor truly stands out. With Natalya's guidance, you'll find yourself not just envisioning, but actively reaching for your true potential."

Preston Lewis, Founder DesignX, EO Idaho, USA

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Reiki


"Natalya was exceptional in guiding us through her unique meditation & yoga practice on the beach, followed by breath work and reiki healing for myself and my team. She is extremely talented across many disciplines and we wish we had more time with her. It was a great experience to connect and reset as a team." 


Steve Jackson

Founder and CEO, Moon & Back (EO Australia)

Reiki Therapy 


"Natalya is excellent in holding space and conducting Reiki healings. I felt safe and could allow myself to fully feel and experience what my body felt needed to be released. Throughout the healing I gained further insights about myself, what I needed to do to live a fuller life."

Andreas Fredriksson

Product Manager, Ocado

(Barcelona, Spain)

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