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Self mastery and leadership

Build a purpose and legacy

Our approach:

  • Disconnect to connect

  • Unlearn to learn

  • Full confidentiality

  • Judgement free zone

Planning a retreat or training?

We design and run customised retreats and trainings.


What might include:


  • Personal and organisational leadership training from self-awareness to action plan

  • Spiritual, mindful, physical and cultural activities

  • Self-expression and discovery

  • Deep connection with peers

  • Health and Wellness

Leadership Retreats provides a learning format with a specially designed and tailored program, like-minded participants, specifically selected context, and professional facilitators complementing and reinforcing the end result.


Retreat goals:

  • Re-evaluation and structuring of your existing knowledge

  • New ideas and questions about ‘thinking’, ‘feeling’, ‘doing’

  • Discover greatness within yourself

  • Unpack yourself, be a better version of yourself and live to full potential

  • See a bigger purpose

  • Find own voice in leadership

  • Better management of self and others

  • Ability to see new opportunities

  • Finding balance and inner freedom

Leadership Retreat is curated and developed with a group of leading international trainers and coaches, including the best practices of YPO and EO.


CONTENT - will be tailored to the needs of the group:


Personal leadership


  • Personal values, mission, vision

  • Life purpose, legacy

  • Tools to manage life, family, business

  • Using Forum in family

  • Managing change

  • Communication

  • Energy leadership

  • Personal performance

  • Wellness and health


Organisational leadership


  • Communication: persuasive communication, listening skills, public speaking

  • Conflict resolution

  • Human business: understanding difference

  • Leading across geographies, time zones, diversity, culture

  • Change management

  • Forum in Business

  • Sustainability: managing stress and personal strategy

  • Productivity: peak performance and time management  

  • Alignment: people and business

  • Decision making 


Sample Agenda:

Early morning activity: exercise, awareness and vision building

Day:  classroom, workshops, individual and group sessions, forum, local businesses visits, social tourism

Evening: dining, unique experiences


At the end of the program additional cultural & networking program on and off-site is available

Group size: maximum 20 people

Attendees: CEO, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Leaders

Options: Developed and tailored for the company

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