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  Transition coach, speaker, Trainer, HR consultant

Charlotte is an international speaker and transition coach on a mission to help people optimise their lives, so they spend less time feeling powerless in times of change and more time feeling empowered to achieve it all.


With 22 years of living abroad and countless client-facing roles around the world, Charlotte seamlessly combines her leadership expertise and coaching experience to help other self-starters thrive during transitions.


In her coaching practice, Charlotte works with expat families in navigating the challenges and opportunities of living abroad while helping them pursue their wildest dreams. After living in 7 countries and 3 different continents, she knows a thing or two about adaptability—and helps her clients embrace change. 


As a speaker, Charlotte works with global corporations across a wide range of industries—from academia to travel & hospitality—and teaches teams how to lead through uncertainty and increase their fulfillment and flexibility at work. 


Whether it’s her life as a semi-professional salsa dancer or gaining three professional coaching certifications, Charlotte uses her breadth of experience to guide others in finding their version of freedom. And when she’s not supporting people in optimising their lives, she’s either seeking adrenaline-filled sports or spending quality time with her loving husband and two children in The Netherlands, where she lives (for now).

Languages: English , French, Spanish


The structure is so clear and easy to follow. I understand my challenges better and I’m more aware of my stress reactions. This awareness helps me to make better choices every day and live a more fulfilled life.

Anja Modrow


Charlotte is very knowledgeable on the topic and as a coach she makes the explanations easy to relate to.  I would definitely recommend this workshop! She delivers an easy approach to put things into perspective and you could easily recognise the level you are in; this way you can perhaps cope more easily in any given situation.

Ariadna Martinez

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