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 Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Shahab Anari helps his audience build their brand, grow their business, and make more impact. Through his world-class personal branding agency, he provides his clients with coaching/consulting, best-selling book publishing deals, and other branding opportunities.

Shahab is a busy professional speaker, too. He regularly does speaking on topics of high performance and personal branding (virtually and in-person), where he has shared the stage with legendary speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and Robert Kiyosaki. He's also the best-selling author of multiple books that have been widely read worldwide. Shahab also consistently creates content for his ~200,000 engaged social media followers. Shahab's work has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, Toronto Star and Forbes.

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Shahab does a lot of voluntary work, as well. He sits on the board of ICF (International Coaching Federation) Toronto, and he does mentoring with Futurpreneur Canada. In 2020, he was named a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant.

Shahab is the Dad of two beautiful sons, Kason and Aiden, and he's happily married to his wife, Katty.

Shahab delivers a high-content, inspirational, dynamic, authentic, and humorous presentation to your audience.

Languages: English, Persian

Expert on: Inspirational, Performance Improvement, Branding, Peak Performance, Coaching


I am quite impressed by Shahab's enthusiasm, passion and commitment to help and support entrepreneurs. I am also quite impressed with Shahab's expertise in the areas of personal branding and thought leadership. 

~Kundan Joshi, Founder & CEO, TheAppLabb | RBC Entrepreneur of Year | Top 25 Canadian Immigrants | EY Entrepreneur of Year | Top 150 Extraordinary Canadians 


Stellar. Way better than I ever could imagine. Professionally delivered! 

~ Christine Quach, GTA Rewards, Toronto

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