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  Holistic Therapist, Transformational Coach, Breathwork Master

Alsu Kashapova is a Holistic Transformational Coach with over 4,000 hours of training in a diverse range of healing modalities: from Compassionate Inquiry to Scientific Conscious and Rebirth Breathing to Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy and Reiki. 

After a successful career as a Tech Executive, she radically shifted her path, and her transformational journey began. 

Today, with my growing impact on 8,000+ people, she taught at international conferences, facilitated group sessions for thousands of participants, spoke at TEDx, and conducted numerous private sessions for her clients.

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Passionate about helping people come back to their essence, she had learned from leading figures in the industry – from Marisa Peer and Leonard Orr to Gabor Maté and even shared the stage with them too: from Vishen Lakhiani, Jim Kwik, to Srikumar Rao. 

Now, she is on a mission to help the world dramatically elevate their lives by integrating healing across every aspect of their being: through the body, the mind, the emotions, and the soul—one breath at a time.

Languages: English and Russian


Fun fact: Lives in Barcelona, married to an Italian


"I feel blessed. I have a new level of self-acceptance. 

Alsu has emotional empathy, sensitivity, and understanding beyond I can explain, I feel connected, understood, magical. Also, seeing things beyond this present energy, magical empathy and clairvoyance. She is able to create a space of safety, to go somewhere that is not easy to express, to go to a deeper corner of yourself. She masterfully does shifting from body-mind-body. So I won’t avoid feelings, I’ve learned to stay with them. I can access the root causes of issues that I’m facing, I can understand and access stories from childhood and heal them with her. Sessions are going beyond psyche, out-of-body experiences, and insights. It’s a great combination of therapy, coaching and somatic work, it goes out of proportion in a beautiful way. Alsu is a gift to me and to my life. I feel the most blessed, liberated and free after working together and I have a new level of self-acceptance as never before." - Ronan Diego de Oliveira, Author and Head of Health & Fitness at Mindvalley, Estonia

"I have to say that i'm so impressed with the work that i was able to do with Alsu during i would say a time that was more challenging in my life. I was looking for things that would help me regain focus, lower my anxiety and really make me productive again. And really find  the answers to a lot of things that were confusing in my life. Doing Holistic Therapy with Alsu was surprisingly one of the most effective methods that actually could bring to my life to help me get grounded get back into the saddle and and really go through this process, Because she actually goes way beyond just the breathwork although it is one of the most powerful modalities that allowed me  to have breakthroughs with my own body.  But she also has a lot of coaching background that allowed her to do the  right exercises at the right time and had an intuitive feel of how many sessions I needed. And what to do in each of those sessions to really ensure that i had a full  healing process. So if you're considering working with her i would highly recommend it., because once you had a few sessions you'll realize how powerful she is and how helpful that can be for whatever you're going through in your life right now. Thank you."     - Jason Mark Campbell, Author of Sell with Love, Consultant and Podcaster

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