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"I’d highly recommend Natalya and the Energy Leadership work she does to any executive looking to improve their leadership capabilities. I’ve already seen an improvement in myself, my team, and my company in a very short timeframe after working with Natalya."

Joseph FrostCo-Founder and CMO, YorCMO

"Natalya has given me the gift of a powerful framework and mental model to see my business, my life and the world differently. By focusing on my own energy, I have the power to choose how I show up and respond to the days stress, surprises and hardships. She is a great teacher and listener. Natalya has helped motivate me to be a better husband, friend and leader."

Paul Fraynd, CEO, Partner Sun Valley Landscaping

"My life has been going through a transformation since starting the coaching program with Natalya on Energy Leadership. Previously I felt stuck in fear and guilt, with never enough time in my life.  I now have the knowledge of the levels of energy, tools to elevate them, and a new sense of self-awareness.  Natalya has been incredibly helpful in challenging me to think differently and create a better life for me and everyone I come in contact with."     -


Brent Rising, Owner of Today's Dental



"Natalya coached my team to manage their energy, not just their time, and this new perspective was mind-blowing for us. I look forward to working on my own energy levels with her too."

Yolanda Ansó Estarriaga

CEO, Solid

'Nonprofits are constantly trying to do more with less. When an organization can tap into the idea of accomplishing more by changing the energy level, it becomes possible. Awareness is the first step, as most groups probably don’t even stop to think about the real cost (in dollars and time) of catabolic/negative energy and mindset.  When our team worked with Natalya of Life by Design, it opened our eyes to the fact that we can change our organization’s energy, by changing our own.  Then, we are more available to help our clients change their energy for the better.  When a nonprofit organization shifts to positive energy, there are no limits to what they can accomplish.  This is true for all of us, and we will be working with Natalya again.  Anyone lucky enough to work with Life by Design will be better for it!'

Kristin Bennett, President at Nonprofit Resources



"Natalya's presentation on the power of energy is a game-changer. Her expertise and passion are evident as she shows us how energy can transform our lives and businesses. She emphasizes cultivating positive energy and provides practical techniques to enhance focus, productivity, and well-being. Natalya's emphasis on building successful relationships through energy resonates with me, and her toolkit for optimizing personal energy and avoiding burnout is invaluable. 

Overall, her presentation left a lasting impact, empowering me to harness energy's power in my own life and business. Highly recommended!!"


Mariana Farill, Founder Placement International (EO Barcelona) – at The Festival of Consciousness 

"Natalya is an unforgettable speaker, coach, facilitator and leader. She is an inspiration to follow and to learn from. Her keynote has a clear structure and meaning, and is full of colourful and impactful stories that support her wise points and lessons perfectly. I highly recommend her for the keynote presentations, workshops and group coaching sessions, as well as for any kind of participations in corporate and business events. The participants are sure to leave with lots of rich takeaways, new connections, deep insights, and clear action plan for bettering their lives. I would surely listen to Natalya again and again."


Anna Lecat, CEO, Streamline AllianceEO Paris




“The 360 Assessment was incredibly insightful for me professionally and personally.  I learned so much about how I handle busy and stressful situations and how I can better approach these times.  Having feedback from my peers, employees and other raters is very informative and has helped me grow as a leader”. 

Jay Gordman, Co-Founder, yorCMO

"I have had a great one to one consultation that followed a group Energy Leadership workshop and individual Energy Leadership Index Assessment with Natalya Berdikyan. After this consultation, I understood myself better, found what I truly love and found a sustainable solution for a peaceful life. If interested in exploring energy for yourself/your team, then I would highly recommend her full consultation/services.'

Yash Dubal,  Entrepreneur, Owner, Director, AY&J Solicitors



"I would highly recommend working with Natalya for your next forum retreat. Our experience began with individual Energy Assessments & Coaching with Natalya which set the stage for our time together. Experiencing Spain through the eyes of a local guide, connecting with our forum and growing in our energy journeys were the perfect combination for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. She is a great host and friend. There are trips and people you meet that you know will shape how you view the world for the rest of your life, Natalya and this Spain adventure were certainly one of those for me. Together we grow!"


Paul Fraud, CEO, Sun Valley, Moderator at EO Buddhanuers Forum

''It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, no doubt."

"Feeling peaceful and transformed."



"During my session with Natalya, I was effortlessly guided through a harmonious blend of yoga and reiki that left me with an overwhelming sense of calm, empowerment, and optimism. Her innate ability to speak and coach with a soothing and uplifting demeanor truly stands out. With Natalya's guidance, you'll find yourself not just envisioning, but actively reaching for your true potential."

Preston Lewis, Founder DesignX, USA (EO Idaho)


"We had our company retreat in Barcelona and Natalya was exceptional in guiding us through her unique meditation & yoga practice on the beach, followed by breath work and reiki healing for myself and my team. She is extremely talented across many disciplines and we wish we had more time with her. It was a great experience to connect and reset as a team."


Steve Jackson, Moon & Back (EO Australia)


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