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Kristine Bennett


Nonprofit Resources LLC

'Nonprofits are constantly trying to do more with less. When an organization can tap into the idea of accomplishing more by changing the energy level, it becomes possible. Awareness is the first step, as most groups probably don’t even stop to think about the real cost (in dollars and time) of catabolic/negative energy and mindset.  When our team worked with Natalya of Life by Design, it opened our eyes to the fact that we can change our organization’s energy, by changing our own.  Then, we are more available to help our clients change their energy for the better.  When a nonprofit organization shifts to positive energy, there are no limits to what they can accomplish.  This is true for all of us, and we will be working with Natalya again.  Anyone lucky enough to work with Life by Design will be better for it!'


Yash Dubal,  Entrepreneur, Owner, Director, AY&J Solicitors

'I have had a great one to one consultation that followed a group Energy Leadership workshop and individual Energy Leadership Index Assessment with Natalya Berdikyan. After this consultation, I understood myself better, found what I truly love and found a sustainable solution for a peaceful life. If interested in exploring energy for yourself/your team, then I would highly recommend her full consultation/services.'

Joseph FrostCo-Founder and CMO, YorCMO

I’d highly recommend Natalya and the Energy Leadership work she does to any executive looking to improve their leadership capabilities. I’ve already seen an improvement in myself, my team, and my company in a very short timeframe after working with Natalya.

Nina Schlieper
General Manager
Alternative Travel Cartagena SAS

'Thanks to her business coaching and consultancy we reorganised and were able to put in place various improvements.'

'It was a pleasure working with Natalya on turning my company around when it needed it the most. Her all rounded expertise in running and developing the business, finding quick solutions to complex challenges from operations to marketing and sales both locally and internationally really helped us get on the right track. She is highly professional and sensitive to clients needs, providing amazing support.'


Seneit Debese, CEO & Founder, Greta & Starks Apps

“Thank you so much for this transformational coaching journey, which became my hero journey, where you were my guidance to go through obstacles, as wise as Yoda and as persistent as Samweis. Such a very deep transformation. 


I am a different person now, a different entrepreneur, a different leader for my team, and a different business person for our clients. Different in terms of success, innovation, collaboration, flow, and joy. I am much more of who I am and whom I wanted to be now. I never had such an empowering journey before. I had several coaches earlier but I never grew in coaching with you. 

It is a truly exceptional and very valuable experience. Thank you so much.”

Yolanda Ansó Estarriaga

CEO, Solid

"Natalya coached my team to manage their energy, not just their time, and this new perspective was mind-blowing for us. I look forward to working on my own energy levels with her too."

Nicolas Paulus

Sales Director, Travie

'Through our partnership we developed efficient in-sourcing and outsourcing packaging solutions which lead to obtaining big contracts among major retailers in Belgium and abroad.' 

'I have been working with Natalya as a packaging subcontractor for chocolate and confectionery for over 4 years. Natalya succeeded in installing a business relationship built on mutual trust. Solutions minded and proactive, she is a very committed person with great negotiation skills.'

Taunya Renson

Managing Partner, Mach Media

'She ushered the publication to profitability before being sold in 2015.'

From 2012 to 2015 Natalya was highly influential in helping to expand the customer base of my publication FlyCorporate, part of Mach Media Group. As Advertising Director and eventually Publisher, she ushered the publication to profitability before being sold in 2015. Since then, I’ve collaborated with Natalya via Entrepreneurs Organization, of which are both a part, and have marveled at her event management skills and unparalleled networking abilities!

Wolfgang von Geramb­­

Founder and Serial Optimist



'She got all the mental armaments to get me out of my comfort zone to help me reach my goals.'

'Natalya — she a jack of all trades when it comes to coaching entrepreneurs. She got all the mental armaments to get me out of my comfort zone to help me reach my goals. She accompanied me with care, creativity, and the necessary punch to overcome these barriers. After working with her over the last months, she became a vital partner for me and my team. So, when it comes to people, profit & purpose, Natalya is my No. 1 recommendation.'

Kate McKeown, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

'I have worked with Natalya for only three months, but I feel her energy and commitment to my personal and professional work were most thorough and tuned-in.  She listens, and she pays deep attention, she remembers everything, and she always sets out to help, at every turn.


Natalya also has deep command of her field and she can send resources, carefully curated, that speak to myriad concerns and projects.  Her work is very, very intelligent.


I recommend her most highly, as a person, an entrepreneur, a past EO-er.  Natalya is just extraordinary.'

David Mammano, Host of The Gonzo Experience Podcast and CEO of Gonzo Experience

“For me, Natalya is more of a guide than a coach.  


There are so many things going on in my life that I often feel like I am lost in a wild jungle. I feel that Natalya takes my hand, leads me to the center of the jungle and then helps me to decide which natural paths to navigate based on my energies; and more importantly, gives me the tools to navigate them.  Her approach is one of compassion, understanding and focus.  Natalya helps to make me feel understood and is non-judgemental.  She’s a great listener and also has helped me to develop an accountability plan.”

Marc Timmerman,

Managing Partner at Axiom Consulting Partners Europe

'She really excels many others in business development, international networking, communication management, and developing international business relations.'

I have hired Natalya and worked directly together with her for almost 2 years. The talents of Natalya are multiple, but she really excels many others in business development, international networking, communication management, and developing international business relations. Natalya has always shown a tremendous amount of team play, commitment, perseverance and strong dedication. She is also a very good negotiator.

Dr Mohamed El Malt, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer, Europital

Over the years, Natalya has been collaborating with us in various Medical Management and Clinical Research projects. Her proactivity, attention to details and interpersonal skills have been appreciated by all team members and contributed to success of our projects. With her professionalism, fast-learning ability and out-of-box thinking, she will continue to be a valued member of my team.


Geert de Delaen

Sales Manager, Belfine

Natalya has a broad experience, both professional and about life in general. This enables her to listen with a good understanding how work and private life interact with each other and gives her an holistic and sustainable approach.

Coaching people comes from her true nature in helping people and a genuine interest in humanity, which makes you connect straight away and creates that feeling of trust you need when exploring your deeper self. 

Ernie Edwards

Former President at Embraer Executive Jets, CCO Aerion

As former President of Embraer Executive Jets (2011-2013) and before that as VP Marketing & Sales in North America I was always impressed with Natalya  and her incomparable combination of business acumen, extreme drive and ability to connect to people at all levels. Her natural networking skills, ethics and dedication to the task always produced results. Through our partnership, Embraer achieved getting closer to our international consumers provided through various marketing solutions of the FlyCorporate/MachMedia agency she worked with.

Thibaut van Hovell

Business Owner

Vanparys Confiseur & Chocolatier

'Natalya has increased the brand presence in the international markets."

During her 4 years as a General Manager and business partner, Natalya has had a major impact on our confectionery business. 

Natalya has increased the brand presence in the international markets including the USA and selected countries in Europe and Asia.  She has also developed the retail channel almost from scratch into the main axis for growth.  At the same time, she was successful in improving terms and conditions with suppliers substantially.


She was able to achieve this through her creativity in developing new packaging and logistics solutions and her strong communication and negotiation skills.  Her people and organisation skills contributed to creating a team out of the 15 nationalities working at Vanparys.

Kevin Thomas

President XOJET, Former VP JSSI

'Her expertise resides in her ability to provide a thoughtful viewpoint and outside the box thinking to help you achieve your goals.'

I have had the great opportunity and pleasure to have worked with Natalya over the last 6 years in many forms and across several industries. Her expertise resides in her ability to provide a thoughtful viewpoint and outside the box thinking to help you achieve your goals. I have been continually impressed by the knowledge and professional network she brings to the table, and her dedication to staying on top of her respective field. Natalya combines sharp analytical skills with a strong intuition, and can call be relied on to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

While Natalya’s professional acumen is immensely valuable, she is also a true team player. Always optimistic, engaging and easy to work with. She has always displayed a high degree to personal integrity, responsibility, and brings great passion to her work. Her commitment to excellence means that she often achieves her goals and always goes the extra mile.

James Dillon-Godfray

Business Development Director

London Oxford Airport & Marshall Aviation Services - UK

'Exceptionally successful at generating highly productive networking opportunities and facilitating introductions at senior executive levels'.

Having worked with Natalya over several years with two different companies within the airports and aviation sectors, I can say she is one of the most proactive and dynamic marketing professionals.   In terms of generating highly productive networking opportunities and facilitating introductions at senior executive levels with prospective clients, partners or suppliers, she proved to be exceptionally successful.

Marc Decorte

President of Brussels Chamber of Commerce,

former CEO of Shell Belgium

Natalya organises events with refined taste, high class and with exclusive attention to her guests. She creates the environment and atmosphere to meet new friends, interact amongst a diverse group of professional people, learn from each other while having fun. In summary, stylish and enjoyable experiences.

Ryan Avery

Keynote speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur

Natalya is an amazing event organizer who knows how to plan, prepare and deliver on THE event for you! Will absolutely be back with her when we come to Belgium again for our next event!

Giovanni Manchia

Transformation manager,

former HR Director Rabobank and American Express

I have worked with Natalya at various conferences during the years. In my experience she is an excellent producer who is very capable in connecting people across various cultures and regions. She has a great international mindset and she is always focussed on achieving tangible business results.

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