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Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Reiki practices in combination bring more harmony between the body, mind, and spirit, making one physically, mentally and spiritually strong and balanced. The practice brings clarity to the mind and good health to the body.


Meditation is a tool for relaxation, calming the mind, gaining focus, full presence into life by connecting mind, body and soul through a meditation practice. Regular meditation practice helps to find peace and balance by training a busy mind, body, and soul to stop, observe and accept. Wonder what to do with your mind and body to make it work? 


Pranayama Breathwork

Reactivate and energise your body through the power of breathwork. It is the prana (breath) or life force in us that nourishes the mind and keeps the body alive. ‘Prana’ refers to the universal life force and ‘Ayama’ means to regulate or lengthen. Existing for over 3000 years Pranayama means working in the dimension of prana (breath) and brings mind-body-soul alignment, calms the nervous system, increases immune system and longevity. Wonder how to bring correctly so it works well for you?

Reiki Energy Healing 

Reiki therapy is form of energy healing, a type of spiritual practice and alternative medicine. It enhances both our health and state of mind, helping release anxiety, depression, stress, and tension in the body. Can lead to better sleep, mental clarity, thus enabling better focus, enhance more balance and peace. It also works with bad habits and relationships, past and present. More here 


Yoga Hatha

Strengthens the body, bringing it more connection, flexibility at all ages and levels. Applying yoga practices that exit for over 3000 years in day to day increases endurance, resistance, balance and clarity. 

Sessions typically last 30 - 90 minutes upon request


- Relieves stress and anxiety

- Improves sleep

- Strengthens the body, internal organs

- Balance, Peace, Harmony

- Clarity

- Elevate energy 

- Presence 

- Stronger immune system and longevity


Yoga, Mediation, Breathwork


"Living in Asia, I have had many opportunities to experience yoga, but this time in Barcelona it was a very special experience. 

Since I applied my goals as an entrepreneur and the process of implementing them to each yoga move, it was an experience that gave me a new motivation to reflect on my business in general once again after completing yoga.


Special thanks to Natalya who has developed this unique program for making this a unique experience."


Charlie from KOREA

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Reiki


"Natalya was exceptional in guiding us through her unique meditation & yoga practice on the beach, followed by breath work and reiki healing for myself and my team. She is extremely talented across many disciplines and we wish we had more time with her. It was a great experience to connect and reset as a team." 


Steve Jackson

Founder and CEO, Moon & Back (EO Australia)

Reiki Healing


"Natalya is excellent in holding space and conducting Reiki healings. I felt safe and could allow myself to fully feel and experience what my body felt needed to be released. Throughout the healing I gained further insights about myself, what I needed to do to live a fuller life."

Andreas Fredriksson

Product Manager, Ocado

(Barcelona, Spain)

Become a Yoga, Pranayama, Reiki Trainer, Master Meditation

Want to become a yoga, pranayama trainer and master meditation practice? Improve your wellbeing and wellness, presence and harmony taking a train the trainer course with a certified trainer. Send your inquiry here

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