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  Executive and Corporate Leadership Coach

Executive and Corporate Leadership Coach helping Professionals navigate through Corporate Culture in order to deal with corporate politics and move forward to achieve success.

15+ years experience in corporate organisations specialised in Learning and Development and HR – working with Leaders and Executives on Employee Engagement, Talent Development, Leadership Development, Coaching and Mentoring.

Designed transformational and development programmes for Managers and Leaders that includes assessment and development centres to identify talents strengths and development needs in order to progress in their careers.

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Collaborated with World Class Universities and institutions such as NYU and Universum and designed Leadership Programme.

Designed Mentoring Programme in Collaboration with International Mentoring Professionals and delivered training modules to more than 60 employees to enable sharing experiences and support emerging talent to find their way to progress. Certified Coach (ongoing 2021) , Energy Leadership Index Certified Personality Assessment.

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Language: English and Arabic

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