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  Counselor, Relationship Coach, RLT, Pranic Psychotherapist

Zara Dadash Pour is a renowned licensed counselor, RLT relationship coach, and pranic psychotherapist with nearly ten years of experience. She specializes in transformative coaching, helping clients worldwide heal from past traumas, cultivate self-love, and use their inner strength and intuition for authentic living. 


Zara combines cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and communication skills to offer a holistic and nurturing approach. Her focus on inner child healing, trauma recovery, and strength-based methods empowers individuals to unlock their potential and achieve personal growth, guiding them to live more purposefully.

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Languages: English and Persian 


"Zara’s coaching is deep and effective, leaving me with immediate learnings about my self, the situation and practical next steps. As a coach myself and someone into personal development I appreciate a great expert to work with. I am open to learning how to improve my relationship and communication for more harmony and balance. I learned what the next steps could be on my side, understanding that it takes two for the relationship to work well."- Natalya Berdi

"Zara is so wonderful at creating a safe space to go deeper. I absolutely loved my session with her and it was so interesting to see just how much could come up within an hour when you are an environment that encourages you to be all of you. It was such a beautiful experience✨ "- Archita Goyal 

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