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 Entrepreneur, Coach, ACT Trainer, facilitator, Writer, Organisational Consultant

Maaike Rotteveel is the expert in gaining insights into your own behavior. Behavior that prevents you from actually doing what you would most like to do. She is convinced that everyone has a heart ambition, a mission, and the talent to be able to realize it.


Maaike is known for her incredibly strong empathy. She was already helping fellow students with their emotional problems during high school. During her career as a marketing and communication specialist it was also about mapping people's motives. What stops them and what drives them. Even then colleagues found the place with her to share their true feelings. She helped them follow their hearts.

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Today she uses her talent to help ambitious leaders and pioneers realize their mission. She not only helps them with their personal challenges, she advises and also offers them support on how to generate more capacity and decisiveness within their organization.


To support these ambitious professionals even better with their challenges, such as the confrontation with (non) verbal resistance, unspoken fears and opposing interests, she studied Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). This is a relatively new form of behavioral therapy that has a solid scientific basis. The therapy takes its name from its main message: accept what you cannot control yourself and commit to taking the action that enriches your life.


Maaike is mother of an enthusiastic toddler boy of 4 years old and bonus mother of two colorful bonus sons at the beginning of their adulthood. She teaches them to trust their intuition and to continue to believe in their own strength. Everyone in this world is a gem. How beautiful the world would look if we all could shine.


Languages: English, Dutch


Maaike developed a natural empathy with genuine personal interest. She also shows the courage to question complex issues critically with an open attitude and an eye for different perspectives. With this she has managed to touch the essence of my entrepreneurship. In short, "Getting lost" with Maaike is playful and a great adventure!
Ton Baan


The most important capacity that Maaike (in my eyes) has is that she makes you feel safe with her. She radiates peace and confidence. That means that you dare to open up and be honest with yourself. And that is scary, but essential, because only then will you get to the core and be able to resolve issues.
Judith Swaans

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