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Stress managment and emotional wellness consultant.
Active defender of corporate wellbeing and happy place to work.

After 15 years at customer service in diverse professional settings (Hospitality & Tourism, Aviation) and Master´s degree studies at International Sophrology Academy, Lana find a way how to utilize gained experience and to combine it with the management of stress, physical and mental fatigue including at the work place.

Sophrology or ¨dynamic relaxation¨ is an effective tool that Lana use at her online consulting ¨Sofrolife¨ in dealing with stress.


People who come to Lana have a huge variety of issues – from anxiety to sleep problems, lack of confidence or simply preparing for an important event. All of them are looking for a change, for their happiness and for their health o including for their reason to get up in the morning.


One of the main goals of Lana is to promote the importance of Emotional Health and daily preventive practice at workplace through elaboration and implantation of workplace wellness programs.

As an open person, intellectually restless who seeks challenges, Lana wants to pass on her own experience and success to create positive changes in the consciousness of other people.


Languages: English, Spanish, Russian


Fun fact: Lives in Barcelona


"My first contact with Sophrology was with Lana.  I was having a lot of self-doubt . She helped me a lot in the difficult process I was going through in my work, also a pandemic caught us just at the beginning of our work and it was certainly a major help to calm my anxieties and concerns for the future. I highly recommend you to try Sophrology with her".  Thais - Manager


"I had heard about Sophrology from some elite athletes who used it, and while researching I came across Lana, at a time when I was lacking energy I decided to give it a try. Lana's accompaniment, her patience and empathy, have been a real discovery in my life, with only 10/15 minutes a day dedicated to yourself you get to see life differently, it seems incredible that with a little interest in changing things you can achieve such good results". Angel  - Customer Service Agent


"Working with Lana has been a part of my life. Learning is not always easy or simple, but with her you feel well accompanied. She is always willing to help and by listening and preparing each session in a very professional way you get to discover many experiences that we have already lived or that we are living without realising it". Genís Mallol - Professional musician

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