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The Power of Energy

Practical tools & insights for more success, health, wealth, and happiness
with less stress

More time. Less stress.
The fulfilling career and life you desire. 
Fired up with high-level energy to lead your team to greatness.

Most of people run out energy before they run out of time. Energy is the most precious resource. This experiential workshop emphasises on the game-changing role of energy in achieving success, health, and happiness with less stress and unleashes individual and organizational greatness with the power of energy.

Key Take Aways:

  • Learn about energy as a game-changer in life and business, understand and manage it

  • Develop the path to greater success and how to accomplish more with less effort

  • Gain in-depth knowledge and strategies for longevity and performance, personal and organisational health

  • Understand how to harness and channel energy to navigate change, reach new heights, effective leadership and wellbeing.

  • Gain hands-on tool to stay in balance, flow, creativity and have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment

  • Learn how to elevate your life, team and business while reducing stress, and having more time and energy.

Unlock big changes in life and business using energy to accelerate growth.

"An unprecedented and transformative experience" - David Thomas, CEO of Cyberclick.

"Natalya's story changed mine" - Founder of YouTopia Network




Natalya's presentation on the power of energy is a game-changer. Her expertise and passion are evident as she shows us how energy can transform our lives and businesses. She emphasizes cultivating positive energy and provides practical techniques to enhance focus, productivity, and well-being. Natalya's emphasis on building successful relationships through energy resonates with me, and her toolkit for optimizing personal energy and avoiding burnout is invaluable. 

Overall, her presentation left a lasting impact, empowering me to harness energy's power in my own life and business. Highly recommended!! – Mariana Farill, Founder Placement International (EO Barcelona) – at The Festival of Consciousness 

"Natalya coached my team to manage their energy, not just their time, and this new perspective was mind blowing for us. I look forward to working on my own energy levels with her too."

Yolanda Ansó Estarriaga, CEO, Solid, EO Barcelona

“This is the topic that Natalya has deep knowledge on, she delivered it with insights from her own personal journey. I would recommend this talk to anyone who wants to learn how to unlock their energy to play a bigger game in life and business”.


Dhiren Harchandani (EO UAE)

'Attending Natalya Berdikyan's talk at the Happiness Festival was an unprecedented and transformative experience. Natalya's ability to establish a genuine, deep connection with the audience was awe-inspiring. She offered invaluable insights and practical tools that have since empowered me to take charge of my personal and professional life. It was a profound journey of self-discovery, ending with the profound realization that 'being present' is indeed achievable. I strongly recommend others to experience her enlightening conferences - they are a game changer.'

David Thomas, CEO of Cyberclick (EO, YPO

"Natalya's passionate, engaging speech left me feeling inspired and motivated to take action, be more mindful when working with my own energies for success at work or home."

Kate Hancock (EO CA, USA)


“I would recommend listening to Natalya and her insights on the power of challenging your energy to inspire you to new heights.”


Antony Tinker (EO UK)


“Natalya transferred her energy to everyone in the room. Her passion to improve the lives of other people became apparent the longer I listened to her talk. Truly inspirational!”


Robert Pflaum - Founder Paradise Restoration Foundation - (EO Berlin)



Coming from the former Soviet Union and having lived in 6 countries Natalya reinvented herself many times. Her life story is empowering in not only surviving but thriving through change.


Natalya is the Founder and CEO of Life by Design academy, where she combines her coaching, yoga, breathwork, reiki - energy healing certifications with her corporate and entrepreneurial experience including running a multi-million dollar international production company, having lived and worked around the world, mastering the wisdom of different countries, cultures, and industries, to help individuals and organizations grow beyond borders and boundaries increasing their energy and leadership ability. 

Through coaching, training and transformational holistic retreats for entrepreneurs, leaders, and their teams Natalya is helping them become better leaders in business and life by understanding their energy potential.

Natalya is also a member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) and served as a President for EO Barcelona, active board member and is a healthcare champion. Certified EO Global Speaker, trained EO & YPO forum moderator.

More about Natalya's Story here

Download Speaker Profile One Pager here


Natalya Berdikyan

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, Yoga & Breathwork Trainer, Reiki 


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"Natalya is an unforgettable speaker, coach, facilitator and leader. She is an inspiration to follow and to learn from. Her keynote has a clear structure and meaning, and is full of colourful and impactful stories that support her wise points and lessons perfectly. I highly recommend her for the keynote presentations, workshops and group coaching sessions, as well as for any kind of participations in corporate and business events. The participants are sure to leave with lots of rich takeaways, new connections, deep insights, and clear action plan for bettering their lives. I would surely listen to Natalya again and again."


Anna Lecat, CEO, Streamline AllianceEO Paris

"Natalya's story made me immerse in it as in a movie. The structure and development of the whole "plot" made it easy to follow and understand. The intonation, the pauses and the voice highlighting of the most impactful parts made the listening worth it as a great theater experience. But the best of all is that the shared message went directly to my heart and stayed there long after the presentation was over."

Evgeny Predein, CEO, Apiumhub

“Natalya is one of the most amazing storytellers I have ever met. The way she captures her journey and translates it into value for the listener is second to none. Her content and energy are contagious and I always walk away with great value after hearing her speak.”


David Mammano, Motivational Comedian, Founder YouTopia

“Natalya Berdikyan is an excellent orator. Her in-depth knowledge, combined with humour and real-life experiences share in an eloquent manner in what makes her stand out from the crowd. I thoroughly enjoy the simplicity with which she explains profound concepts and keep the audience engaged and inspired. Her vibrant energy and interactive manner of conducting a workshop ensure that there isn’t ever a dull moment. I look forward to being part of her future workshops and I wish her the best”


Shreans Daga (EO India)


"Natalya's session was a real energizer! Interesting, captivating, sincere and above all energizing. She speaks from her heart and this is noticeable. Plus, she is an enchanting person. I look forward to attending the full workshop with her! Fantastic speaker."


Raul Cristian Aguirre, EO Barcelona


“EO South East Europe was happy to have Natalya Berdikyan as a guest speaker at one of the chapter learning events. The topic of Energy Management for Effective Leadership was highly appreciated by all participants. It was extremely valuable experience for all members, especially considering the challenging pandemic times we were living in. Natalya Berdikyan is a great speaker and true inspiration! Can’t wait for another great session with her!”


Maria Gergova (EO Bulgaria)

Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 15.24.06.png


"With warm delivery and accessible content, Natalya Berdikyan provides practical ways for entrepreneurs and other leaders to tap into the types of energy that propel them to their highest levels of success. Her online videos and public talks are not to be missed."


Evan Nierman, Founder & CEO Red Banyan (EO Florida)

“This is the topic that Natalya has deep knowledge on, she delivered it with insights from her own personal journey. I would recommend this talk to anyone who wants to learn how to unlock their energy to play a bigger game in life and business”.


Dhiren Harchandani (EO UAE)

"After the keynote from Natalya of Life by Design, I understood how vital energy management is for my business and personal life. We did some insightful exercises during the presentation that guided me to channel my energy more effectively.

I will continue to use these techniques to reach new heights in my personal and professional life."


Wilhelm Reich, EO Barcelona

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