Energy Management
Your Core Energy Determines your Full Potential

'Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.' - Albert Einstein.


Core Energy is the energy that is at the core of thoughts, emotions, and actions that relate to how people see themselves, those around them, and world itself. Your core energy is where your energy is focused at any given time. Your core energy has a tremendous influence on your performance as a person, leader, parent... , and indeed, in all aspects of your life and work.

Core energy includes whatever brings to the situation or task, which is influenced by external or internal factors. Consider 'core' as 'total' energy available in any given moment. It's the 'core' of that drives performance.

Energy attracts like energy.


Choose the desired type and Energy level for you, your team and your organization.

Understanding energy you have is the first step, followed with managing your energy. Awareness is first step to mastery.


Catabolic - which is reactive, destructive and draining, giving limited view to the situation, reducing your choices. It impacts mental, physical, emotional health. The first two levels of energy are highly catabolic and are common under stress.


Anabolic, which is intentional, constructive, healing, a building force, helps moving forward, and achieve powerful and sustainable results in life and business. Anabolic energy is the cornerstone of high performance in everything.

Once you are aware you can be at choice. It is like a pair of glasses, if you put on the pink glasses you see the world pink.

'You attract who you are, not what we want'.

Design the life and business you dream of by understanding, managing, and shifting energy one level at a time for yourself, your team, your family.

We are not one Energy level.

There’s no "good" or "bad" energy.

Both kinds are necessary.

We need to access catabolic energy to meet survival needs. But we wouldn’t want to live in catabolic energy all the time.
Anabolic energy allows us to relax into our lives and promote collaboration around us.

The beauty of both is that we master managing our energy. We can consciously choose which energy will lead us to more joy, and more productivity.

Our daily energetic makeup can be predominately anabolic or catabolic and it is a reflection of WHO we currently believe we are. This determines our overall attitude and the way we perceive, approach and react to life.


- See below energy levels.

- Which level(s) are you at when everything is good and under stress?

- Note how you think and feel in any given situation. What causes you stress and how you react or respond? 

- How can you see it from a different perspective/level?

- Send your results to

- You will receive an invite for a free discovery session

Image by Doran Erickson


Energy influences how we act because it forms the “lens” through which we perceive the world.

We use seven different energy “levels” to describe the types of energy a person experiences and expresses. Here’s how someone experiencing each level of energy might react in a situation where they are on a team with a co-worker who is very forceful and directive.


  1    VICTIM  

Core Thought: Powerlessness - 'I lose'

Core Feelings/Emotions: Apathy, guilt, self-doubt, hopelessness, fear, worry, depression

Actions/Results: Lethargy

Team State: Stagnation


Core Thought: Conflict - 'You lose' 'I win'

Core Feelings/Emotions: Anger, resentment, hatred, blame, greed, discord, pride

Actions/Results: Defiance

Team State: Conflict, Crisis


Core Thought: Responsibility - 'I win, if you can win, great'

Core Feelings/Emotions: Forgiveness, relief, peace of mind

Actions/Results: Cooperation, Tolerance

Team State: Productive mode

  4    HELPER

Core Thought: Concern - 'You win'

Core Feelings/Emotions: Compassion, love, gratitude

Actions/Results: Caring

Team State: Support and Respect 


Core Thought: Opportunity - 'We both win'

Core Feelings/Emotions: Peace

Actions/Results: Acceptance

Team State: New opportunities realization


Core Thought: Synthesis - 'Everyone always wins'

Core Feelings/Emotions: Joy

Actions/Results: Wisdom

Team State: Top ambitions come true

 7    CREATOR 

Core Thought: Non-Judgment - 'Winning and losing is an illusion'

Core Feelings/Emotions: Absolute passion

Actions/Results: Creation

Team State: Complete success on all levels

Want to understand and shift energy to reach greater results, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life and work?



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