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 Maximize engagement, performance, fulfillment, and success while

eliminating stress and increasing confidence.

Why one day you are full of energy, crossing all the to-dos and another feel like the world is falling apart?

Why it doesn't feel good enough, fulfilling, satisfying, or successful?


Every action we take is a performance, everything we do or not affects the results.

WHO we are and why we do what we do is of greater importance than we think. 


Anyone ever noticed that one can plan and set whichever strategies in life or business and either has a super hard time achieving them or when achieved has no true sense of success and fulfillment?

What if there is no measurable goal for success; success and greatness are a process and a never-ending one. Mastery is being the best you can be, welcoming continual improvement. Mastery is a mindset derived from a high level of consciousness, not a high level of skill.

What do you prefer: Negotiate, and win a major contract this year. or Win and be prepared to win all major contracts?

Goal Setting

  • What is your GOAL?

  • Why is it important, meaningful to you?

  • What feeling will it give you when you achieve it? Pick single words.

  • By when will you achieve your goals? What is the deadline by when you want to accomplish it?


Now, what if I tell you that your GOAL is not really your goal.


What do you think it is?


Performance Mindset - EGO orientation

  • Purpose to be better than others

  • Wining, avoiding loosing mindset

  • Can loose and make mistakes

  • Compare yourself with others

  • Self worth is tied up if how you perform

  • Judge outcome as good or bad

  • Creates tension and stress

  • Associated with judgement (self, others, situation, results, circumstances...)

  • Extrinsic motivation for known external rewards (tangible - money or psychological - praise)

  • Low energy

  • Possibility of inhibited performance



  • CORE energy goals - goals that reflect your ultimate desired results, it is linked to what you REALLY want. Core goals are based on the feeling that you want to cultivate and are detached from any specific outcome, they increase satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment.

  • Mastery goals - goals designed to increase your competency, understanding and long term success. All outcomes will lead to growth and learning, so the ultimate outcome doesn’t really matter.

  • Performance-approach goals - goals in which you demonstrate and validate your abilities by achieving a specific outcome, or outperforming other people. Useful motivator, but associated with judgement as depend on the outcome.

  • Performance-avoidance goal  - basically setting goals designed to avoid looking stupid or like you are under performing, with the only purpose not to be worse than others. Those create anxiety and judgement. Not recommended.

  • Strategic goals (for mastery and performance) - action steps to move any goal forward, creating action plans. Outcome measures (results of actions) on achieved or not performance goals is used as info for progress and moving toward mastery.

  • Mini goals - day to day activities that make your strategic goals manifest, orienting it to mastery goals. We suggest AIM SMART method for that.


Needs vs. Wants

  • NEEDS - things you need to get by at a minimum level of satisfaction

As a human, leader, worker, parent need: eat, sleep enough, speak and write well...

  • WANTS - things you can live without, but would prefer not to. That is what truly drives you, from the core, where the energy sits.

When the process and results are more satisfying, when you have to do something or when you are fully bought into and want something?

Example: As a leader ... you want to truly enjoy each day, lead without fear or worry, feel connected to the company, purpose, team, how you lead, live etc. A Need - reach those annual targets, gain nr of clients.

The best way to change a need into a wont is to see what is in for you in the longer term, how it contributes to your purpose, for the value add be greater than the investment of time, energy, etc.

Wanted Notice

Mastery Mindset - Continuous improvement

  • Desire to continually develop into be the best you can be in all areas in life and business

  • Purpose to become more competent, higher skilled than you already are

  • Not concerned with outcome as you know you can learn from everything to move closer to mastery

  • Internally focused. High intrinsic motivation

  • Motivated because of the pleasure of satisfaction you get from completing or working on the task

  • Can’t loose, can’t make a mistake - all experiences serve you and can be learnt from to take you to the next level, thus closer to mastery


If have nothing to lose you perform better, get higher results, as don’t focus on results, and resonate at a higher levels of energy.

=> higher and more sustainable results and satisfaction

Affirmation Poster


Know What you Really Want

The core goal is the feeling you are after, the feeling of satisfaction, triumph, peace, happiness, joy once the goal is achieved.


1. Your main goal

2. Feeling you will gain when attaining it, simple words?

3. By when you will achieve it?


Ask your coach for AIM SMART and ABC Game Plan tools.

No attachment to outcome, no judgement:  Use outcomes for feedback and guidance, not as a measure of self-worth or end results. Outcome measures can help you reach progress and move towards mastery.

Define your Success Formula

What factors help you to maximise your energy, potential and performance? See Energy Influencers for more reflection.


  • Be fully engaged in the learning

  • Challenge yourself

  • Make preparations

  • Adjust the course

  • Experience the process /Be in Flow, n the moment

  • Assess the progress

  • Celebrate the progress

Please send us your reflections on the above questions and we can freely provide you with support and guidance on your journey

Image by Kolleen  Gladden
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