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Achieve more with less to be successful and fulfilled.

Have it all spending less time and energy.


5 Attributes to good partnership

- Mutual enjoyment of each others company
- Mutual respect (what they are, work they do)
- Shared experience
- Reciprocity (support, favours for each other). Love you take = love you receive
- Trust (honesty at all times)

Astronomical Clock


- Am I living with the right personal people?
- Am I living in the right location?
- Do I work the right amount of hours and do them match well my work play rhythm and suit my family and social needs?
- Do I feel in control?
- Can I exercise or meditate when i want to?
- Am I nearly always relaxed and comfortable in my surroundings ?
- Does my lifestyle makes it easy for me to be creative and fulfill my potential?
- Do I have enough money and are all my affairs are organised so I don’t have to worry about money?
- Does my lifestyle facilitate whatever contribution i want to make it enriching the lives of people that i want to help?
- Do I see my close friends often enough?
- Is the travel in my life is just right, not too much or too little?
- Is the lifestyle right for my partner and my family too?
- Do I have everything that I need right here?
- Do I have it all?


Beach Vacation

High value things

- Things that advance your purpose in life
- Things you always wanted to do
- Things already in 20/80% relations of time to results, 20% thing producing 80 % of super productive results
- Innovative ways of doing things that promises to slash time required to produce results or /and improve its quality
- Things other people tell you can’t be done
- Things other done successfully but in a different arena
- Things that use your own creativity
- Things you can get other people to do or with relatively little effort on your part
- Collaborators that use this 80/20 rule well
- Things of now or never

Is it unconventional? YES
Does it promise multiply effectiveness? YES

Try it out. What have you got to loose?

Gain time and energy to design the life you want.

Card Tricks


- Time doesn’t run out. It goes around the clock. Use it well next time around.
- Achievements still stand.
- We can only live in the presence.
- Be connected to self and others.
- When times stands still is where we are in the present, the FLOW.

- In the flow you have a sense of personal mastery. Read more on mastery goals here
- Be one with universe, in bliss, where time is an illusion, we receive more with less.

- We all have a Unique formula. Experiment, see what delivers your greatest economy.

Success and happiness comes from what you love and good at doing.


You can have it all. Just know what you want.

Book Ref: 80/20 Principle. The Secret to success by achieving more with less - By Richard Koch

Please send us your reflections on the above questions and we can freely provide you with support and guidance on your journey

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