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Access Higher Power and Potential Now

Paragliding in the Mountains

Assessment Insights

  • Where you are at your best/worst

  • Where are you now

  • Specific steps to get where you want to be

Want to measure your's and your team's current level of potential, consciousness, leadership ability, energy, and current level of engagement and satisfaction?

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I.) does just that and more.

In 20 minutes it measures what your energy is like at your peak, and what is your leadership like at your peak. It gives you the index and a clear path to your power and potential, followed by the deep dive debrief that gives a proven formula to keep you and your team at their best.

The Basic ELI Assessment Package Includes:

  • The ELI assessment (takes 20 minutes)

  • A personalized Report including:
    –  Your Energetic Profile & Energetic Stress Reaction

  • A 90-minute deep dive debriefing coaching session to review your results, including a satisfaction survey

  • Action steps to implement what you learned from the assessment into your personal + professional life

360 ELI Assessment Package Includes:

  • All of the above +

  • 360 view on 36 Conscious Leadership competencies, rated by self and up to 25 selected raters (family, friends, direct reports, managers, clients/vendors etc)

  • Anonymous feedback from the raters

Book your assessment below and let's get started. More details here


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