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Mastery path to high potentiality and performance

It is time to build a long-term life philosophy that helps you resonate at a higher energy level and lower chances to drain your energy, helping you showing up as the best leader you can be in life and business. Below 10 Leadership Disciplines will help you to:

- Shift your attitude and belief system
- Raise your overall energy for leadership and for life
- Increase the potential you have to perform.

Remember, mastery is a process, a lifelong journey. Learn it, understand it, live it, practice it, without judging yourself and others. Each baby step helps to get closer to your optimal performance and potential.

Access to potential does not exist without increasing your Energy Profile. Discover below 10 Disciplines of the Level 7 leader based on the iPEC methodology. (See more about 7 Levels of Leadership here)

10 CORE Disciplines

of a top level Leader

1. Is aware
2. Accepts what is
3. Make conscious choices
4. Trusts the process
5. Is authentic
6. Is fearless
7. Is confident
8. Experiences a sense of connection
9. Is present in the moment
10. Is 100% energetically engaged

Once you manage the first four you are much more able to be authentic, fearless and confident, which will lead you to mastery of the last three.


If you truly practiced above 10 disciplines, what would be different in your leadership style and other aspects of your life?

Interested to try? Lets start.

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Discipline 2: Accept what is

As a The leader you accept what is, and don't beat yourself up. You accept all aspects, traits of self and others. You don't take things personally, and don't look at anything that happens as more than it actually is.

Instead, you accept that what has just occurred as it did, and don't catastrophise any particular experience, interaction, or action. You understand that everything is perfectly okay, just as it is.

Acceptance allows you to remain present and objective by accepting those facts and understanding and accepting your reaction to them. If you don’t accept yourself you are defensive. Ever noticed that?

There is absolutely no judgment of nothing and no one.

Remember, things don’t happen TO us they just happen. We get reactive and create own unhappiness. Everything someone says is about them, not you. How we interpret it is about us.

Basic Tips:

- Clearly see 'what is', and 'what was'. Say 'everything is (was) perfectly okay'.

- Don't be judgmental, simply acknowledge the experience of 'what is' without rating as 'good' or 'bad'

- Stop trying to change the past by wishing it was different.

- Engage and move forward. Your experiences, your past created who you are today. Understand and not be limited by your past.

- Accept where you are right now and what let you to this moment.

- The more you release judgment, unconditional acceptance will raise energy level.

- When something happens think what did you learn and what are the possibilities.

- We always do the best we can. Don’t beat yourself up. What’s the lesson vs I can’t believe I/He/She did it? What lesson we can learn from those disappointing experiences?


This discipline is the hardest to master and most essential.


Discipline 1: Be Aware

As Top Level Leader (THE Leader) in life and business you constantly observe and assess yourself and everything around you, understanding that what is true for you is not necessarily the Truth (Truth are facts, same for all, regardless of how one looks at them).


At any given moment, you are aware of who you are, why you are who you are, and how you are reacting to your circumstances.

Awareness allows you to see reality by determining the facts and your reaction to the facts.

How well you believe you practice Discipline of Awareness now, on a scale 0 - 10?

What if it was a 10, what difference would that make?


Explore extensive possibilities and tips to mastery of awareness here

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Discipline 3: Make Conscious


As a The Leader you know that the more energy you have, the more present and sharp you are, quicker and better you are able to make best choices.


You are non judgmental and use logic, emotion and intuition to make quick and accurate decisions.


Remember, you know you always have a choice, instead of reacting, respond by adjusting to given circumstances.

Making conscious choices allows you to evaluate the facts, not judge them, and come up with the plan to reach your performance and mastery goals.


Basic Tips:

- Choice is made in the moment, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Make the choice not from the stressful place, but clear anabolic one with more info available.

- Don’t let your past choose for you. Understand why you make choices you do, consciously.

- Weigh pros, cons of each side.

- Go down the choices thoughts and feel how you would feel in 6 months in each case.

- Ask the question you want to make a choice about and see what your intuitive choice is.

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Discipline 4: Trust the process

While as Leader you always want to perform at your best at any moment, there is always focus on long-term growth. You understand your true goals, so instead of jumping into the latest and greatest new/best thing, you have faith in your current plan, and work that plan to excellence.

You look for lesson in each experience as you constantly review your plan, your way of leading, and the outcome you get and make shifts as needed.

It creates persistence when things don't go according to the plan, allows us to look for the learnings that are always present.


Fear, concern for the future, disappointment comes from not following the discipline it undermines conscious decision making and can be tied to lack of acceptance of results. Not to have the fear of making a decision that is good for you.

Basic Tips:

- Trust yourself for the plan you created

- Remove the inner chatter

- Consider adjustments



Discipline 6: Be Fearless

As a true leader you embrace the unknown and take reasonable chances without worry and doubt.


You realise that fear does not exist in the present moment, it is an anticipation of the negative outcome and that whatever is unfolding will ultimately serve you in different ways. You know there is nothing to lose, and therefore, nothing to fear.

- False
- Evidence
- Appearing
- Real

Questions for reflection:

What do you fear in your personal and professional life?

How those fears are helping or hindering your growth?
What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Basic Tips:

- Stay present in the moment. Understand cycles of life, change. Each stage is a normal cycle of life. Read here on the cycles of change.

- Journaling. Put on paper all the worries, make a reality check, think how did you deal with the similar situation in the past, what helped you with it, list the worst scenarios.

- Act inspite of fear, train your 'muscle'.

- Do what is in your control, small steps. Action is antidote to fear. Surrender to what you can't control. Let the other things flow.

Remember: there is no truth in the future, because it hasn’t happen yet. Living this as truth can change every aspect of your life.


You are fully capable of handling what will come your way. And if you need some guidance send us a quick note.

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Discipline 8: Sense of Connection

As THE Leader you are aware, not only of the influence each person, place, and thing has on you, but also of this influence on them.

You are also aware that no moment occurs in isolation, in that each event is influences by the past and connected to the future.

You know that by tapping into the power of anabolic energy (building energy - see more on that here) around you, you are never alone, and can play at the top of this game, without trying to force anything to happen.

Do you remember the situations when you had a challenge, and out of nowhere someone offered help and solution?

Basic Tips:

- Truly accept ourselves without judging our thoughts and actions

- Leave ego behind

- Tap into your intuition

- Create the state of flow

Sense of connection can be developed. Practical tips, to self, others, environment and power greater than you can be shared upon request.

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Discipline 10: 100% Energetically Engaged

As a true Leader you play full out, using your full potential. You know that true power can only be achieved through powerful intentions, full commitment, and engaging 100% of your energy into action.

100% energetically engaged means you are attracted to what you are doing, emotionally involved and excited, with no fear and nothing holding you back. It is beyond attitude, includes intention, commitment and taking action.
Setting it in motion on all levels.


How engaged and involved are you when you think you have to do something you don't really want/like to do? How does the result look like?

Range of Engagement:
- Won’t  - no power, no choice
- Have to - feel forced, limited choice
- Need to/should - low power, mostly at choice
- Choose to - high power, total choice - 100% Engagement, will  commit 100%, will create 100% what you desire.

How to create anything you desire?
- Desire - have clarity, knowing what you really want,  feeling behind desire.
- Belief - be sure you fully believe that you are capable and deserving
- Accept - be it, believe and live as if you already received/have what you desire. Once you accept that you have already received what you created in your mind the process is complete.


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Discipline 5: Be Authentic

As THE leader you understand that while you are always searching for the greatest and most powerful expression of yourself as a person and leader, you are a once-in--all-history unique person. Being authentic, being someone you never try to be rather than your best self.


No one in the world is like you, your most powerful inspiration will come from within.

As we masterfully walk to the beat of our own drum, we inspire others to do the same.

By being no one other than ourselves, we automatically express high levels of energy and instead of effortful output, our performances are effortless works of art.100% you, no pretending. Being who you are with no effort. Being not authentic that comes from the place of force which is energy draining and confusing to your inner world and to others.  

What you bring to the table is unique. We will be more effective and fun.

Basic Tips:

-  Be yourself 100%

- Approach life from the place of being rather than doing.
- Mastering is about knowing who you truly are and expressing it.

If you were truly who you are, how would you be?

Please send us your reflections on the above questions and we can freely provide you with support and guidance on your journey

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Discipline 7: Be Confident

As The leader you are the culmination of a life's work, a master in being. You know that confidence is an internal capability, and instead of waiting for something to happen to bring confidence, you choose to create it. 

Experience (and attitude) has thought you to trust yourself and let go of any concern about what might happen.

You know that you can handle whatever occurs and will grow and learn from it, you embrace all outcomes.

You are able to summon up feelings of success, peace, power, and calm and use them to create any experience you choose.

Basic Tips:
- Decrease our stress reaction so energy increases
- Be confidently resilient - approach each situation by choice

- No ego, judgment, attachment to outcome

‘With the realisation of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world’ Dalai Lama

Reach the Top

Discipline 9: Be Present in the Moment

As The Leader you focus on one action at a time. You cannot be distracted, as you are totally present to the task and experience at hand.

Your intuition is alive and you are open to each experience as it occurs.

Once that moment of performance is over, you put all the energy into the next one.

If you are feeling guilty about the past and woring about the future, you are not in the present moment.

What prevents you from being in the moment? Check out 7 Influencers for reflection here.

Feeling lack of control? Remember what you can control is the moment you are in.

Benefits to be in the present:

- Freedom from distractions and stress

- Connection to intuition and being in the flow

- More intense experience and joy

- Faster decision making

-Greater performance (remember multitasking doesn't work)

Basic Tips:

- Practice detached involvement. Be participant and observer at the same time. Not judging it as good or bad. Involved but detached from the outcome. Connected and separated at the same time.
- Make no assumptions, as few judgment as possible. Take nothing personally.
- Passionate about all the experience, even painful ones.
- Let go of the need to be right and need to control.
- Give all you have, you gifts without attachment to results.
- Focus on the moment. Journal, meditate.
- Notice next time you talk to someone. Are you listening or getting your point across?
Focus on your values and priorities.
Observe yourself in the experience.

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