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Increase leadership ability for self and others

Raise energy and performance

Lower stress and overwhelm

Reach greater potential, fulfillment, and wellbeing


Energy Leadership™ is a discipline and process that helps professionals develop an effective leadership style.


Energy Leadership™ refers to a particular and unique form of leadership that helps teams and individuals unleash their highest levels of Energy, Leadership ability, and reach their full potential of maximum output towards greater fulfillment, peak performance, and joy in the workplace and beyond.

'Everything is energy' - Einstein

Mastering Energy Leadership will reshape attitudes and worldviews, bring out the true you and help you be an authentic leader, and inspire self and others to reach extraordinary results in life and business.

Energy Leadership - the next level of leadership

Program Benefits:

  • Learn how to use 7 levels of energy from Catabolic (Destructive) to Anabolic (Constructive) to understand how people think and why they act how they do in life and specifically within the workplace. Use the energies with purpose, raise them for greater impact in all areas.

  • Become truly effective and learn to implement specific techniques to shift energy levels to inspire peak performance and wellbeing.

  • Become a powerful leader, and better manager to motivate self and others to reach true potential.

  • Help self and others recognize the main Energy Blocks and Influencers and use proven techniques and strategies for overcoming these to make your journey more successful.

  • Learn techniques to shift internal energy to meet any leadership challenge and inspire respect, confidence, and loyalty of people you work, live, communicate with all around.

  • Use Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I.) - - the most effective and efficient tool to see how someone is leading, using the strengths, tapping into outer and inner blocks, and unleashing what may be getting on the as the way to full potential, fulfillment, satisfaction, and success (optional at an additional fee). E.L.I. measures the current level of consciousness, leadership ability, and current level of engagement and satisfaction.

  • Have access to tailored Personal Coaching and Business Coaching including unique techniques from Core Energy Coaching.


Change the way you view the world, approach problems, and engage with others.

What do Clients Say:

'Nonprofits are constantly trying to do more with less. When an organization can tap into the idea of accomplishing more by changing the energy level, it becomes possible. Awareness is the first step, as most groups probably don’t even stop to think about the real cost (in dollars and time) of catabolic/negative energy and mindset.  When our team worked with Natalya of Life by Design, it opened our eyes to the fact that we can change our organization’s energy, by changing our own.  Then, we are more available to help our clients change their energy for the better.  When a nonprofit organization shifts to positive energy, there are no limits to what they can accomplish.  This is true for all of us, and we will be working with Natalya again.  Anyone lucky enough to work with Life by Design will be better for it!'  - Kristin Bennett, President at Nonprofit Resources

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