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Moving Forward. Don't let anything hold you back.

How much energy, time, effort does it take to live with fear, guilt and doubt?

How does it serve you?

Wouldn't you want to wake up one day and be fully confident, have no fear of the future or guilt of the past?

If you want to be free, get over it, get on with it and move forward check out some practical programing tools of Jose Silva.


Neutralise a few fears that are least frightening, the smallest one and the rest will fade away.

Step 1. Start with things you are least afraid of. Imagine yourself in a frightening situation.
Step 2. Then imagine yourself in the same situation but feeling confident.
Step 3: Picture yourself with total confidence

Admit to the fear, it won’t trouble you again.

Stressed Woman


What do you think when you have doubts?


We move to the direction of our dominant thoughts. 

Step 1: Inside out - Replace negative images with positive inner images. Focus on 'correct' performance, best you can do. Have all statements positive.
Step 2: Outside in- fake it till you make it, perform as if you want to succeed
Middle will be squeezed out.

We need to keep our thoughts, our inner images, plus our words and our deeds consistent and positive.

Crossing the Finish Line


Neutralise the guilt. Rewrite the script for the thing you feel guilty about.

Step 1: Imagine the scene you feel guilty about. Learn from mistakes.
Step 2: Make commitment to not do that again. Do so in the next scene you imagine happen.
Step 3: Imagine the next time it happening feeling happy from how you handled it and lessons learnt.

Do it over and over. It develops confidence and attitude about yourself.



When you have inner image of success and achievement it pushes away the failure, fear, doubts etc.

Create strong image of what you want and act as if you are already there, think and feel.

No-one can help you but yourself.

‘If it is to be it is up to me’- William Johnsen

You have the power to change your life
You have all the tools
Review them
Practice, practice, practice

You are a vehicle on your own journey.
Program for problem solving mindset.
Be whoever you want to be.

Begin today.

Picture it. Design it. Live it.

See more on conquering fears and gaining confidence here.

Please send us your reflections on the above questions and we can freely provide you with support and guidance on your journey

Image by Doran Erickson
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