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Build on strengths for greater success

We are at peak of learning, growth and potential when play in areas of our strengths.

Capture, clarify and confirm your strengths using the tools below. Build on your strengths. It is your multiplier. 


I feel strong when...

This thrills me

I love this

I can’t wait to 

What gives me energy

It needs to move you. Be true.

I loved it

When can i do it again






That was easy


I am on fire


Reach the Top


Take top 3 I oved it when... -> i feel strong when...

  • Does it matter why I am doing this activity? 

  • Does it matter who i do this activity with, to, for?

  • Does it matter when I do this activity?

  • Does it matter what this activity is about?


Strategies to put your strengths to work:

  • Identify How and where each strength helps you in your current role.

  • Find the missed opportunities to leverage your strengths in your role.

  • Learn new skills and techniques to sharpen each strengths. 

  • Build your job towards those strengths

5 strong habits

  • Look at your top 3 strengths statements

  • Make a Strong week plan - 2 actions to leverage your strengths and minimise your weakness

  • Every quarter look at 3 tangible achievements with mgt

  • Each 6 months capture, clarify, confirm strengths , capture emotional reactions

  • Survey , measure 


Choosing the right job, role?

  • What is a purpose of the role?

  • Do i affiliate with it

  • Align values with team etc

  • Kind of activities, job, role that fits with doing what you like

Image by Doran Erickson


I feel weak when...

I am so bored by

I can’t stand it when

I feel waisted/drained when 

Times goes by slowly

I loathed it






Why can’t someone else do it

Can’t concentrate 


Less of myself



Image by Nik Shuliahin


Dealing with Weaknesses:

  • Stop saying ‘I Should’.

  • Don’t feel bad about it. Accept it.

  • Can you stop, reduce the activity?

  • Who can do it instead, that gets stronger in what weakens you? Trade with someone this activity, that loves it. Or make a game out of it, or ask who is good at it how to do it faster. 

  • Shift perspective , looking through the lens as  in service to the strengths. How:

  • How can you shift your perspective in a way you do the activity

  • Would it be helpful to do this activity in a different time of the day

  • View the activity through the lens of one of your strength

  • How will doing this activity in maximising your strengths?

  • What connection can you make with this activity and what really interests you?

While minimising energy and time you spend on weaknesses you can handle issues like:

  • stress

  • procrastination

  • energy drain

  • lack of performance

  • demotivation

  • burnout etc.


'Go put your strengths to work. 6 powerful steps to achieve outstanding performance' by Marcus Buckingham

Please send us your reflections on the above questions and we can freely provide you with support and guidance on your journey

Reach the Top


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