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  Life Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, YPO Forum Trainer

Nina Urman is a keynote speaker, intuitive life coach and conscious parenting expert who is committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential.

Inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experiences as an eternal student of life, a professional tennis player, a retreat host in Paris and a mom of 3 and stepmom of 4 children, Nina realized her destination was indeed her journey.

Today she is pursuing a life she is truly passionate about and helps leaders all over the world to live in the highest expression of themselves and to reconnect to their essence.

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She is an I.C.F. certified professional ‘Co-Active’coach and an LCS Life Coaching student, holds a Master degree in Finance and International Relations and is writing a book on an « InsideOut Life – a New Way of Being », with has the express aim of helping everyone to live a life with purpose and meaning.

Nina is an expert on intuition, mindfulness, leadership, personal development, conscious parenting and women in business.

In her inspiring, insightful and interactive keynotes and circle sessions Nina shares her personal story of overcoming fears of failure, anxieties and pressure and emerging more resilient, happy and healthy.

Languages: English, Russian, French, German


Nina is particularly gifted at creating an atmosphere that is safe, optimistic and inspiring. I’ve enjoyed sessions with Nina where we’ve gone to a very deep level of reflection that’s helped me know and understand myself better, and we’ve also had sessions that are highly practical where I’ve listed and ranked commitments to help me achieve a balanced lifestyle. Nina has helped me to clearly identify my needs, passions and goals!


Nina has an amazing holistic approach that puts yourself in the center and looks at ALL parts of your life not just one aspect! With very easy yet hands-on exercises she helps you to go through all these facets and find balance and organic growth in all of them. She has exceptional analytical skills combined with amazing empathy and energy and will help you regain and achieve your true passion and goals and lead you towards a balanced lifestyle! Nina has definitely been a tremendous influence and incredible sparing partner in my personal journey and I can only highly recommend working with her!


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