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Mountain Peak

The Law

of Being

A complete system for

Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential

It does that by helping you raise your awareness so you can enjoy more satisfaction in every aspect of your life.

It is the formula for success in life and business, leading yourself and others to greatness.

Welcome to the Future
Get Ready ... to Be

Who you are being is based on your level of conscious awareness of who you really are. This determines what and who you are going to attract and what type of life you will live. It is a formula that determines your reality. It's how you create your world.


The program includes:

  • Enlightening, fully-guided 16-week journey of self-exploration that will expand your consciousness to enjoy more satisfaction in every aspect of life 

  • Access to your personal client portal (with access for life!)

  • An opportunity to explore various aspects of your being and uncover profound insights to create the ideal life you envision

  • 12 accompanying audio lessons to deepen their learning between sessions

  • Beautifully designed digital 12-part workbook with over 200+ consciousness-expanding exercises to work through with your coach!

Program details:

Part 1: BEING, raising your consciousness by:

- Teaching you about 7 levels of energy, potential, consciousness, and self-leadership

- Helping you recognize at what level you are currently functioning

- Allowing you to choose/line-tune a life philosophy based on the highest levels of energy

- Continually refining the ideal image of who you are

Part 2: BECOMING by helping you to:

- Breakthrough internal blocks to high-consciousness thinking

- Make conscious choices based on the present, not the past

- Shift your thinking, emotions, and actions

- Devise new ways to act and test them out to see how well they work

- Shift people, places, and things in your life to create a supportive environment

In the course of 16 weeks the program covers the following:

Where are you now?

From where you are now to where you want to go. What experiences lead you to your current WHO, where you want to go next, what are your goals for the future.

Being on the Journey

What you believe your purpose is and what life is all about. Life Philosophy. Being already perfect.

Why you are here. New vision for yourself and your future.

Who are you being?

Understanding your true WHO to set you on the path of a High Conscious Life. Energy. 7 ways to view a situation.

Being at Choice

Becoming a person who makes conscious choices. Blocks. Personal Values. Smart decision-making strategies.

Being Consciousness

Being highly conscious. Paradigms and Possibilities. Breaking through illusions of time, separation etc. Releasing judging


Being Abundance

Manifesting positive abundance. Automatic abundance attractor, vibration. 'Like energy attracts like energy.'

Being Happiness

Taking control over your life and the level of satisfaction that you are experiencing. 10 keys to happiness and how to effortlessly live that abundant lifestyle. Relationship with happiness. Dealing with conflict.

Being Health

Relationship with health, stress. Aging. Making choices aligning with your definition of health. Releasing guilt. 

Being Wisdom

Creating an abundance of wisdom and making it work for you. Letting go of blocks and unleashing the master within you moving closer to your potential. Living your purpose.

Being Wealth

How to effortlessly attract financial abundance to yourself and to others by repealing lack. Secrets to Wealth abundance. Your relationship with wealth. The wealth mindset.

Being the Change

Walking the talk and creating your world as you choose. Being and living the WHO you earlier created in the program. Play the level game. Making a difference by showing up as your highest potential self. 

It's time to start your journey through the Law of Being program.

How to start:

Request a discovery session below and experience powerful complimentary coaching that will set you on the path of living your unlimited potential and abundance in all areas of life. After receiving the details you can confirm your interest in embarking on the full 16 weeks program and start your journey to your unlimited potential.

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