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  Leadership & Athletic Performance Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor, Marathoner

Tara Estevez-Seickel is a professional performance coach, living on the East Coast of the United States (splits time between NJ and SC).

Tara’s passion for helping others achieve their best life has always been within her. Having been through multiple personal transformations herself, she knows what it takes to make deep rooted changes that add immediate value and can be sustained for a lifetime. She’s not just a survivor, but a thriver through personal transformation. Tara is just shy of a decade in recovery from alcohol addiction, has traveled through and beyond divorce and is now on the other side of a toxic senior management role in corporate.

Pain is inevitable, struggle is optional!

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As an Performance Coach, her personal mission is to help women, teens and young adults identify and align to their truest values and partner with them to help create a success formula that offers the ability to not just cope, but to Create Opportunistic Performance Excellence in every aspect of their lives consistently. Whether that be in business leadership, athletic performance, executive functioning mastery or just figuring out “what’s missing” or keeping you “stuck.” 

She partners with and empowers her clients to leave behind self-doubt, sabotaging behavior and overwhelm for new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that foster confidence, emotional & physical wellbeing, and overall success.

Tara holds a BA in Psychology, is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, a master practitioner of Energy Leadership Index, and a COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist. Her corporate leadership experience includes
Women’s LEAD certification, cross-continental management, high performing team development, training facilitation and interdepartmental relationship management. Her coaching style is authentic and interactive, offering her clients tools and processes for maximum impact and immediate transformation to last a lifetime.
Fun facts about Tara: She’s in a very happy marriage, a mom of two amazing children, a marathon runner and die-hard Clemson Tiger fan!


“Tara's leadership and career coaching changed my life. Tara taught me that I have a choice in what I do & where I go: Forward! Tara is incredibly insightful, affirming & down-to-earth. She helped me clearly understand my strengths and how valuable they are. Like any good coach, Tara gave me 'exercises' to restore my confidence, identify what I enjoyed doing, what I found fulfilling and what was draining for me. She provided the emotional support I needed to keep searching until I found the right position, with the right team, at the right company for me. Thanks so much!” - K. Dunphy Product Owner, CVS Health

“To many of our team members, Tara has been a super-coach for 15 years. Her certification is just waking up her intrinsic talent she has had for many years! Tara ... lady ... you rock!” - A. Bharteeya Vice President

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