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Empower change and decision-making with a 'safety net'

Want to make a small or big jump, change something and there are certain blocks, fears, doubts that stop you from moving forward?


- Start a new business/or change the job

- Start/Leave a relationship

- Quit smoking/drinking, change habits

- Hire or let go of a team member

- Move ...

Totally normal. One would love a 'safety net' to jump, know that someone catches you on the other side, feel comforting and comfortable. The thing people fear the most is the unknown.


- What if you knew what this unknown could be, prepare for it, minimise the risks?

- What is the worse case scenario?

- What is the worst thing that can happen?

- How realistic is that? What is real vs made up?

- What is the back up plan?

- What opportunities for growth are there from this experience?

Have a leap of faith and secure your parachute. This way your energy will be in the present and not worrying about the future (that is not real).


Below pain/gain model is a powerful tool for decision-making and change management. You can apply it for many situations where you are in doubt. If you need any additional support we are here to catch you.

Fill out the below by the following order: 1,4,2,3. The order below was meant to be as you see it.


State the current situation.


- What is the pain or cost to remain in the current situation?

- What discomfort comes from keeping status quo?

- Why is it important?

Consider both inner and outer pains:

- Inner - the real costs financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally...). They are unconscious and it is key to bring them to the surface. This is where real energy/motivators are.

- Outer - image, reputation, title, bank account, house size etc.



- How do you benefit from the current situation?

- What is the gain in continuing as is?

- What would you gain from maintaining status quo of not changing?

The current 'painful' situation might have many benefits to remain in status quo.


You might not have what you desire because you don't want to give up what you have.


However, there is an opportunity o replace the current benefits with the new benefits in a more desirable way.

Meditation by the Sea


Look at step 1 - What do you see? Circle

Look at step 2 - What stands out? Circle

Look at step 3 - What do you want to do?


‘May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears’ - Mandela

- I want to change

- I like it and want to stay the way it is

- I don't know

- I don't want to make a change


Send us your answers for further discovery,   lower the pains, maximise the gains, and move forward

Blue Parachute


- What are the benefits of making the change?

- What are the payoffs (inner and outer) if you were able to make a change?

- What would you gain if you made a change?

- How interested would you be to move the gains of the future into the present/current time?

The Leap


State what would be the change, future situation in question.

Do not put negatives in the future situation (no bias). State the future in the positive.

What costs have to be paid in order to make the change?

What would you need to face in order to make the change?


It is normal to have fears, worries, doubts, history, failure, limiting beliefs, draining energy...


Changes are challenging, it may get you out of the comfort zone, need a call for action.

Stressed Woman
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