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Make your meetings and time effective, efficient and fun

Benefits of virtual meetings

- Building relationships
- More personal, intimate, deeper connection with the participants
- Opportunity to put the speaker on the spotlight  
- Looking people in the eyes, seeing people closer (inside out)
- Experience space, calm, venerability, openness within the meeting
- Deeper listening
- Broader & Deeper understanding of people’s expertise, views, options


Tips & Tricks: Tech

- Be fully present, no phones, other windows open etc
- Look direct into the camera
- Good internet connection (turnover the video if not consistent)
- Break out sessions
- Polls

Computer Software Guidance

Tips & Tricks: Leadership

- More meeting leadership incl structure, agenda, time table, clear intentions
- Keep meetings shorter
- Meet more regular to stay connected
- Get comfortable

- One conversation at a time, no interrupting

- Deep listening

- Full presence

- No judgment

- Authenticity
- Start on time, finish on time or better earlier

Working on Computer

Tips & Tricks: Format/Content

- Personal ice breaker - one word open, one word close
- Communication starter
- Spotlight the speaker - putting the presenter in the centre
- Try turning off the videos of all apart of the presenter to focus more on the content
- Turn off all the videos (incl the presenter) to fully focus on the tone, energy
- Listen deeply (to the speaker, not own thoughts)
- Keep people engaged by asking them to answer the questions in the chat
- Introduce a poll - live anonymous questionnaire with the live visual results
- Break out sessions with specific topics for discussion, sharing the learnings upon come back
- Have a some humor, eg Bring something personal/meaningful to the meeting (monkey, ready bear, kid…)
- Be quite for a moment, give people time and space to think, breath
- Bring the expert/speaker/outsider in
- Forum: Share what you are getting, what you want from the meeting
- Retreat: 2 hr sessions virtually, send a package before hand

If you need more support, facilitating a meeting/forum contact us


We all spend many hours of our personal and professional life in MEETING people. How do you make sure you actually meet WITH people? How can you spend the time and energy effectively and efficiently for all parties, especially in the New Normal virtual world?

There great ways to make virtual meetings something to look forward to and gain a lot of benefits from. Here are some best practices from business networks like EO, YPO, corporations and other communities.

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