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Success formula for more balance, wellbeing, performance with less stress

Everyone has stress in their lives and most people say they want less stress. What they really want is to for this ‘stress’ or circumstance to affect them less and have less ‘stress reaction’ to things that are occurring in their lives and draining their energy. What one person perceives as stressful, another one might not notice or see as an opportunity and be excited. Thus, stress is not the enemy. We can’t manage stress but can manage ourselves and be less at the effect of it.


Check out the article at the StartUps Magazine - "Stress is not the enemy, but how to cope with it" here.


Below you will get some practical techniques to support your demanding day to day live moving you from the place of being a victim of stress to being a creator of your experience and wellbeing on your terms.  It all starts with our awareness. Let’s start with raising it first. 

Increase your awareness about 6 different Bioenergetic Elements/ Energy influencers/ Stress categories. Pay attention to the following:


Ever feel:

  • High stress

  • Low engagement

  • Low motivation

  • Procrastination

  • Tension

  • Anxiety

  • Low energy …?

Feeling any of the above symptoms drains our energy, our mind and body feel we are at effect of life circumstances.

Stressed Woman


Effect of spiritual stress/feeling: When you need to do something but you feel not connected to it, or others involved, or feel no sense of direction or purpose, fulfillment, meaning or contribution.


Spiritual is not religious - it is non-tangible, effecting your spirit and soul. Engagement in a spiritual sense is connecting what you do with who believe you are, it is being in spirit with yourself, being connected in your goals, having trust in yourself for your energy not to be effected.

Spiritual factors that influence your energy:

- alignment with your purpose and mission (how you want to contribute)

- alignment with personal vision

- alignment with your values, beliefs, drivers

- alignment with true core goals

- anticipation, excitement

- ability to create life balance

- believing in something greater than yourself


If you don’t see the connection between what you do or people involved the energetic presentation and engagement naturally will be effected.  Greater success comes from integrating beliefs and purpose to outer goals and tasks.

- What is most important in your life?

- What are your desires and dreams?

- How would your life look like if you didn't feel like you were missing something?

- How would you feel if you did what you truly liked and believed in, with the fully aligned team/partner?

- How do you want your sense of purpose to support or show up in your role as a leader?

TIP: Remind yourself of the mission of the company and your life values.

Kids with Capes

Core Energy Influencers

  • Spiritual

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Physical

  • Social

  • Environmental

If any of those influencers cause you little bit of stress it is normal that you are not performing to the best of your ability and potential.

You know you could do better, but...

Tropical Storm


Feeling: Conflicting demands, mind stretched, task is too boring or challenging.

Mental influencer is carried out by or taking place in the brain. How much brain power you have available, present, clear to make decisions that allow you to perform at your best? Being present in the moment is key.

Mental factors that influence your energy:

- Alertness/Attention/Concentration, Focus/Acute awareness/Presence in the moment

- Access to intuition and creativity

- Clarity

- Memory

- Ability to access brainpower/creativity/intuition/decision-making ability

- Degree of mental stimulation around the task or performance


It is about the functions of the brain, not attitudes.

Just think what makes you more or less alert, thus effecting our productivity?

How is doing too many projects at the same time serve you?

Where focus goes energy goes.

How to enhance your energy:

- Balancing challenge with current skill capacity (stretching but not over-reaching)
- Having clear action plans
- Receiving unambiguous feedback (with no room for interpretation)
- Concentrating (focusing) on the task at hand (removing anything that detracts from
concentration) - multitasking does not work
- Merging actions with awareness (or mindfulness, or presence)
- Minimizing distractions


- What aspects of a role create distraction and do not allow you to be fully present and

-What helps you to create clarity when making a decision?

- What best practices enable you to concentrate on a specific task at hand?

TIP: Aware of scenarios when are you most focused and least distracted.

Chess Pieces


Feeling:  Needs or expectations are not being met, don't understand  and don’t know how to express your emotions.


Emotional influencer is related to our moods, characterised by intense feelings.

Emotional Factors influencing your energy: 

- emotional awareness and understanding

- expression and control

- desired degree of emotional stimulation

- ability to manage sress response (respond vs react), release emotional attachment to outcomes and shift emotions.

- hormonal activity (creating the right chemical
formulation for the task at hand)

- being in a “success-enhancing” mood


The way you think about and manage emotions—in yourself and others—influences your

People focus on avoiding emotions, especially the negative ones. It is part of living a full conscious life. Use emotions as tools to perform at peak level and have happy, healthy relationships.


Managing emotional energy:
- Recognize what emotions are coming up.- Explore what those emotions may be telling you about the importance of a topic/issue/value
that you have.
- Consider how you can respond/lead in an anabolic manner—acknowledge, validate, clarify, reframe, challenge your own interpretations, understand other perspectives/views, and take a
deep breath!


Inappropriate emotional expression: yelling, violence, storming out, eyes rolling.


Thoughts => Emotions/Feelings => Actions

Attachment to the outcome – opposite of mastery -  failed expectations led to disappointment. it is putting emotional power and energy in someone else’s hands. Change the perspective and manage reactions.


Which emotions work best for you in different situations? Build emotions that fuel vs drain you.

Being aware of, understanding, and using
emotions in a manner that is engaging, empowering, and proactive, will help create success.

TIP: Try to remain calm no matter what happens around you.



Feeling: not comfortable in this crowd, interaction, relationship. Feeling overwhelmed, drained by those around you, or feeling lonely, feeling pressure from society and everyone's' expectations.


Social - related to people around us and society at large. It influences energy and thus our optimal performance when social conditions or people around aren’t optional for us.


Social factors influencing your energy:
- Type and amount of social interactions
- Attitude towards personal and professional relationships
- Presence of support and accountability partners
- How you feel about competing
- How easily you are able to accept help from others when venerable
- Being able to deal with the topic and catabolic (draining) relationships
- Ability to communicate and listen
More extroverted people like more interactions, vs more introverted. Know what kind of relationships and its amounts gives or drains your energy.

- Remain a victim in the relationship
- Access the relationship
- Change the relationship
- Change your perspective of the relationship
- Leave the relationship

Recognise any of the above in a marriage, partnership, friendship? Any choice is fine, as long as it is conscious. Wonder what to do?

When is social influencers forming part of your success or is a total drainer?

TIP: Find the great balance between alone and social time.

Lake Party


Feeling: When your body is not able to function optimally or how you are accustomed.

Physical influencer is related to things that allow your body to move and work in the way you’d like it too. When your overall energy is effected, your performance, relationships, getting what you want out of life if effected.


Physical factors influencing your energy:
- Health
- Sleep and rest
- Nutrition and hydration
- Use of supplements, Drugs, and Alcohol
- Breathing
- Exercise and mechanics
- Image and Appearance
- Beliefs around injury and sickness

- Management of pain
- Beliefs around health and wellness

What is directly or indirectly in your control? Key is to manage it maximum to your ability.


Looking, feeling and sounding low on energy is quite visible as opposed to other influencers.

You are seeking to align what you want to accomplish with ideal physical energy that will support achieving it.

Managing physical energy:

- Build awareness what influences your physical energy.

- Recharge and fuel your immune system.

- What can be improved? How to best manage all the influencing factors?

- Create healthy, active routines (lighter food, a lot of water, short walks withing the working day,  stretching, sports in the free time...)

TIP: Look for when do you feel most physically comfortable and strong, and remind yourself to do it daily?

Reach the Top


Feeling: Discomfort in the place, environment where you are effecting the will and enthusiasm to do what set ourselves to do.


Environmental - external influencer, linked to environmental conditions that prevent us to enjoy and complete the task in the optimal matter or the way you are accustomed to. It’s not generally the conditions but more the beliefs around them and how you adopt to them that matter at the end.


Factors influencing are like:
- Conditions
- Settings
- Surroundings
- Equipment
- Clothing, shoes
- Availability and use of technology

- Sounds

5 Choices:
- Be a victim to the environment
- Leave it
- Acceptance, not worth fighting it
- Change the environment, settings etc
- Change the perspective, look at the opportunity

Environment changes fast, being able to adopt to it can help. Things you tolerate, become aware, have a plan to handle what influences your energy.


Change happens, plan for it.

TIP: Take a moment to truly be aware of the beauty around you.


Influencers affect engagement, stress and energetic presentation that is so important to leadership, performance and transition. Can’t reach optimal performance without the awareness and management of those influencers.


Along with Energy Influencers you might also want to discover other energy blocks here.

Each area and influencer affects the others.  Without a sense of purpose (spiritual), for example, how much focus or clarity (mental) could someone have?


Make the influencers work for you. Create your success formula.

Want to know your Success formula?

Lets explore the factors that influence your energy positively and help you succeed/perform and manage the ones that drain and negatively influence. (e.g. Drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol to increase psychical energy).

Shifting from 'have to' to 'want to' can make a great difference in motivation and results.


What we can help with is maximising your level of Engaged Energy by increasing overall Energetic Profile to anabolic (on a long-term basis), increasing task-specific Energetic Presentation by ensuring the optimisation of factors in all six areas of influence (on long-term and short-term bases), and creating and implementing an actionable plan yield the best chances for success and performance.

Please send us your reflections on the above questions and we can freely provide you with support and guidance on your journey

Ref: iPEC COR.E Dynamics

Crossing the Finish Line


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