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Microsteps to help you feel well, reduce stress and boost productivity

What is Wellbeing?

Are you in a state of wellbeing? Do you FEEL WELL?

Are the people you work with or that work for you in a state of wellbeing?


Wellbeing is a state of personal experience based on factors such as physical, spiritual, and mental health, which also includes dealing with emotional, and environmental influences.



Work is fulfilling. 

Home life is wonderfully satisfying. 

Relationships with co-workers and family are authentic and uplifting. 

You are experiencing life fully! 


Science suggests that being aware of some of the energies that influence our experience can help us to control them, have them work in our favor, and create an environment that is productive, fun, and profitable.


We are more than just our mind, body and soul. 


It is essential to control our thoughts, nourish our bodies and be in alignment with our values and purpose for a positive state of mind.


Living in Wellbeing can't be underestimated. 


We support your holistic lifestyle - a way of living life that looks at the whole person. You observe your complete self and create a lifestyle that nourishes it. 

Microsteps to help you feel well, reduce stress and boost productivity:


Research tells us how we use our minds makes a big difference. Rushing to get somewhere, just getting through an activity, or wandering off instead of being in the moment has a negative effect on our mental well-being. The energy consumed is enormous, and the way we experience and show up in life reduces our ability to use our potential in each moment.

  • Keep the focus on the activity at hand, the present moment, not the past (that you can’t change) or the future (that you can’t control)

  • Don’t let the thoughts take you away. Consider thoughts like the clouds, lets them pass

  • Set frequent short breaks, walk around, talk to someone, grab a drink, look at something further way, listen to the music, call a friend, read something fun….

  • Deep breathing

  • Small mindfulness exercises (1-3 min):  touching, listening, feeling, seeing

  • Meditation (1-20min)

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Healthy Nutrition

Make sure your body is being nourished with what gives it vitality and longevity.


Listen to your body, it never lies. Water, fruits, vegetables, fiber won’t hurt. 


Consult with the nutritionist and health expert to adapt your diet to make sustainable progress without starvation and mental disorders.  

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Environment of comfort

Create an environment that is comfortable and optimal: plants to connect you to nature and give you oxygen. Maintain the right temperature and proper furniture in your office and home.

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Journal your thoughts to notice the patterns. 

Writing/drawing helps to express, connect to intuition, boost creativity.


Writing affirmations, mantras, notes of gratitude bring you closer to the desired state of mind and spirit.   

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Manage emotions

Identify the emotion, understand the emotion, feel the emotion, and then move on to a more positive emotion, if possible. Research shows that positive thoughts lead to positive feelings, actions and therefore better results. Work with a therapist or a coach to support your journey.

Check out Awareness tool kit to raise your awareness here

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Bring in small activities that help your body feel good. It doesn’t have to be 1 hour every day, start with only 10 -20 minutes.


Choose what you prefer - walking, yoga, weights, running, biking, hiking, swimming…


Choose the time of the day that gives you the most energy. Mornings prove to be great for healthy routines to set the tone for the day and boost your energy. Consistency works.

Outdoor Exercise

Positive Emotions

Positive emotions are: happiness, joy, inspiraion, gratitude, kindnes, love, compassion, empathy, non-judgment. Choose activities that motivate you, keep you engaged and connected to your passions, hobbies, desires and dreams.


Self-love, self-compassion, self-care is essential. It is like putting a mask on yourself first in the airplane and then supporting the other.


There is only one life in this body on this earth. Love it well. You deserve it!

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We are holistic beings, nourishing our mind, body, and soul contributes to our wellbeing.


Discover what influencers your energy and wellbeing here.

Check out the Wheel of Health and see your level of satisfaction in the key areas here

Consequentially if you and your team are well and happy, it affects well everyone and everything else, from families involved to the bottom line of the company and the economy of the country.


What are the next steps you are ready to take for your own and your team’s wellbeing?

Schedule a discovery call to see how we can support your wellbeing journey.

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