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How to Optimise Health & Performance, Reduce Stress & Boost Energy





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Healthy Lifestyle Pillars

How to elevate well-being with key lifestyle pillars?


1. SLEEP:  Prioritise quality 7+ hr sleep for body and mind rejuvenation, greater performance and health. Trouble sleeping? 

2. NUTRITION: Fuel your body with nutrient-rich foods and hydration for optimal performance

3. EXERCISE: Stay active daily through a mix of exercises and activities 

3. RISKY SUBSTANCES - Avoid risky substances, minimise or avoid alcohol

4. SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Nurture positive relationships that energise you

5. STRESS RESILIENCE: Utilize stress resilience and mindfulness tools for a balanced and healthy life. Examples here

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Positive Emotions

Identify the emotion, understand the emotion, feel the emotion, and then move on to a more positive emotion, if possible.


Embrace Positivity: Engage in activities that spark happiness, joy, and inspiration.


Self-Care Matters: Prioritize self-love, self-compassion, and self-care. It is like putting a mask on yourself first in the airplane and then supporting the other.


Cherish Life: Make the most of your life and love it fully.

Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings, actions and therefore better results. Work with a therapist or a coach to support your journey. Book free a discovery session

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Stay Active - Exercising

Energizing Activities: Include 10-20 minute sessions of activities you enjoy and bring you energy (e.g., walking, yoga, running).


Timing Matters: Opt for the time of day when you have the most energy, typically mornings, for consistency and a boost.

Build your success formula. Book a free discovery session

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Journal for Insights:

Observe thought patterns.

Use writing/drawing for creativity and intuition.


Positive Writing:

Craft affirmations, mantras, and gratitude notes.

Cultivate the desired state of mind and spirit.

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Holistic Wellbeing: Nourish mind, body, and soul for overall health.

Assess Your Wellbeing: Explore your energy and satisfaction levels, influencers and blocks to optimal performance.

Team Wellbeing Matters: Happy teams benefit everyone, from families to the economy.

Take Action: What steps will you take for your team's wellbeing?

How much is your health worth to you?

Imagine feeling energised and physically at your best. Work is fulfilling. Home life is wonderfully satisfying. Relationships with co-workers and family are authentic and uplifting. You are experiencing life fully! 


Unlock the Path to Optimal Health, Performance, and Longevity here

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Our mental well-being is impacted when we rush, go through tasks mindlessly, or daydream instead of being present. This consumes lots of energy and diminishes our potential in each moment.

  • Being Present: Focus on the present, not the unchangeable past or uncontrollable future.

  • 'Control' Thoughts: Treat thoughts like passing clouds, don't get carried away.

  • Set Mental Breaks: Schedule 5-20 min breaks for various activities. 

  • Walking breaks: 3' each 30 min of sitting

  • Practice Breathing: Practice deep, slow breathing.

  • Engage Your Senses: Mindfulness exercises for 1-3 min - touch, see, hear, feel

  • Meditate: Centring for 1-20min 

Discover practical video techniques here >>

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Healthy Nutrition

Nourish Your Body: Make sure your body is being nourished with what gives it vitality and longevity.


Listen to your body, it never lies. More water, fruits, vegetables, fiber, healthy protein won’t hurt. Try minimise to eliminating sugars, carbs, gluten and alcohol.   


Easily said than done? Build and implement a sustainable nutrition plan with your coach. Book a free discovery session

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Environment of comfort

Create an optimal environment for living and working.

Add Greenery: Include plants for a natural touch and oxygen.

Temperature Control: Maintain ideal temperatures.

Furniture Setup: Arrange suitable furniture for comfort.

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Sun Exposure

Vitamin D: Min 15 min a day of sun, better 30 min. Use skin protection. 

Sun Healing Energy: Expose yourself to healing sun at sunrise and sunset when we are most exposed to light that is mainly red and near infrared range, and this light has been proven to have a very beneficial healing and energising effect. 


Red light therapy benefits:

- Boost immune system

- Accelerate healing of pain and injuries

- Enhance the quality of sleep and much more

Learn more about red light therapy and get access to a revolutionary wellbeing and recovery device here


Free Video Tools

Watch and subscribe to YouTube videos with practical tools and strategies for more energy, health, performance and leadership for self and others. 

YouTube Tutorials, Videos and Podcasts >>

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