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Recharge your brain and body. 
Microsteps to
 feel well, reduce stress and boost productivity


How do you feel after a good night sleep? 

To function well, live longer and healthier sleep is fundamental. 


What are your sleeping patterns?

- Can’t fall asleep?

- Wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep?

- Have periodical snoring and breath interruptions?

- Waking up due to noise?

- Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night/early morning?

All of the above can affect the sleep impacting focus, mood, motivation, wellbeing in the wakeful state. 

Growing evidence demonstrates that short sleep duration (< 6 or 7 h/night) for adults and poor sleep continuity may lead to illnesses and premature mortality. 

Sleeping with Eye Mask


- Hygiene of the sleep and the bed (bedroom environment, temperature, quality mattress …)

- Same timing to go to bed and wake up, also on the weekend 

- Wake up around time of a sunrise within 2-3 hrs

- 7- 9 hr sleep for adults

- Eat light 3 hr before sleep, no fatty, greasy, spicy food

- Red Light Therapy - get your home device

- Pause to relax the nervous system 3-5 times/day:

         - 3 mindful meals (20 minutes, no devices, indulge  food using all the senses)

        - 2-3 breathing mindfully moments 

- If can’t sleep, anxious thoughts:

- Journal, write down all to dos, worries

- Breath

- Count (sheep or elephants ;-) 

- Read a book (not in bed)

- Listen to the music

- Take a bath, a shower​

- Yoga Nidra (guided relaxing meditation)

- Meditation, Yoga

- Reiki energy healing

Baby Sleeping


- Aerobic activity - sport : intensity to select-height - weight = heart rate. eg. When you can pronounce a sentence with enough ease while exercising. 

- Latest exercise 2 hrs before sleep 

- 1-2 hrs before slow down intellectual activity (including devices, phone activity)

- No caffeinated drinks from 2-3pm

- Minimise, eliminate alcohol - not going to bed drunk (Alcohol can also negatively impact sleep. People often fall asleep quickly but then wake up during the night, resulting in insufficient sleep.

- Therapist or a coach

See more well-being practices here

Connect to a wellbeing coach for support

Listening to Music


Sleep  - is a new status symbol. Jeff Bezos says: ‘I am more alert and think more clearly if had 8 hrs of sleep’


- More alertness and mental contribution

- More clarity and creativity 

- Elevate energy

- Enhances performance and productivity

- Brain regeneration

- Increases ability to be focused

- Increases emotional stability

- Lowers errors and mistakes 

- Longevity and health

Bill Clinton was quoted as saying that every major mistake he had made in his life had happened as a result of sleep deprivation.

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There is direct correlation between stress and bad sleep. 

- Stress leads to bad sleep and bad sleep to stress

- Fears, worries, anxiety lead to stress leading to bad sleep

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