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Transforming your workplace and your life from the core

  • Optimise Performance in all areas:

    • Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

    • Personal and business

    • Leadership, Transitions & Change, Wellbeing & Wellness 

    • Based on COR.E Dynamics Program—a comprehensive approach to creating optimized performance, increase the level of energy, self-mastery, and increase existing potential and wellbeing.

  • Core Energy Coaching™- the process is at the heart of our philosophy and practice that helps people be the agent of change in their own lives. It includes understanding WHO you are and WHY you do WHAT you do and the results (or lack thereof) you are achieving. More here

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I.) - an attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/action model. E.L.I. is the most effective and efficient tool to see how someone is leading, using the strengths, tapping into outer and inner blocks, and unleashing what may be getting on the way to full potential, fulfillment, satisfaction, and success. More on ELI here

  • Energy Leadership™ - a process that supports an even deeper shift in awareness and consciousness. More on Energy Leadership here

  • The Law of Being - system to unlocking your unlimited potential. More about The Law of Being here

  • Sales & Productivity - Increase your teams performance and wellbeing here 

  • Tools used from psychotherapy, positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mentoring, quantum physics, philosophical/ontological studies, adult and accelerated learning research, emotional intelligence, leadership development, martial arts, QiGong, and more.

  • Yoga philosophy, Hatha Yoga - Asanas, Breathwork, Meditation practices

  • EOS, Step-by-step SMART strategies

  • Set up measurements for progress and accountability

  • Personal and business development exercises and tools

      More resources here

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